By flowerfail - 16/06/2009 09:13 - United States

Today, I stepped outside to wait for a cute guy to arrive after arduously preparing for our first date. Just as he rounded the corner, I tripped over the last stair and landed headfirst into my mom's fresh pot of snapdragons. My mom uses compost and manure for her plants. FML
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munchy35 0

well don't wait outside next time? wait until he knocks on your door or something.

justmyluck1212 0

@ least u smelled gr8


Walt_1990 3

You can atleast say your face is naturally, decomposed remnats of organic dung now lol.

That's a good talking point to break the ice

kellbell09 0

Poor thing!!!!!! :( how did the date go??? FYL :(

Honey_Maid 1

I hope you laughed at yourself!

No amount of perfume is going to make you smell good in that situation, FYL indeed!

_cherry_blossom_ 0

wow that's gotta suck. FYL. did you still go on the date? if it was me i would've said my grandma died or make up some other lame excuse not to go on the date.

Lolz you did kinds deserve that one but Fyl

#18 grandma died is the worst excuse ever lol

Aww, that sucks. Hope he was understanding xx