By mainlaw - 04/12/2009 17:33 - Ireland

Today, I found out that just because you're drunk, it doesn't make it okay to call your mother-in-law a fat slag. However, it does make it okay for your wife to knee you in the snow globes. FML
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props to OP for coming up with an original way to reference your unit. I was getting sick of all these idiots saying hap sac

At least she didn't grab and decide to violently shake them.


im not gonna say it... im not gonna say it... ok, first?

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hahaha. they found out a way to get ppl to shut about the first thing. anyway YDI for insulting her mom but that does not mean its okay for her to hit OP's cancerous balls. when u hit them there thats like smacking a million of his babies. (maybe she was trying to cure the tumor on ur balls?)

What's with these women...? Always going straight for the reproductive organs...

YDI for saying snow globes, I'm being serious. SAY BALLS/TESTICLES.

Were you correcting the fact I put testicles in caps..?

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Wow, they're using snow globes now? This is getting pathetic...

Seriously. What's so wrong about using the words balls or testicles?

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Hey, it's nearly Christmas, just getting into the spirit by naming his balls after a holiday decoration.

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I was correcting the fact that you originally wrote 'testacles' Don't lie, I saw it.

Don't lie, I never misspelled "testicles," e.o

Why did you correct how he spelt testicles?

maybe she kicked the snowglobes he had lying around on a shelf? you are a moron for coming to false conclusions all the time

She kneed 'him' in the snowglobes? or perhaps he has glass snowglobes surgically attached to him on some other part of the body!

saying snow globes is way more funny than saying balls or testicles. your sense of humor = zero

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Snow globes or other interesting synonyms are just more funny.

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Second! And lmfao "snow globes"

it's ok to call your mother in law a fat slag, just not to your wife.

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#5, alcohol has been around for a few thousand years, people aren't just going to stop making it.

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YDI for drinking period Who calls nuts/balls snow globes? First!!

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nuts, balls, snowglobes, pairs, sacks, two giant lumps of soft tissue, what?

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Dude is from Ireland, might be common there.

props to OP for coming up with an original way to reference your unit. I was getting sick of all these idiots saying hap sac

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Wouldn't it be cool if balls were really snow globes? Just least they'd be cool to look at instead of repulsive.

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Wait... How often do you look at dudes' sacks? I highly doubt accidentally seeing your friend's package once in gym doesn't immediately provoke that thought. P.S. If you posted high as a ************, then disregard this one, it's all good.

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that's how my favorite porno starts out

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HAHAHA!!! Oh my god, 'snow globes'. That was actually pretty ******* funny, to be honest. Anyways, YDI for calling your mother-in-law a slag where you're wife can hear it.

Well, I guess you just don't have the "snow globes" to actually use the word testicles. Or balls. Either is okay.