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  cowgod  |  0

hahaha. they found out a way to get ppl to shut about the first thing. anyway YDI for insulting her mom but that does not mean its okay for her to hit OP's cancerous balls. when u hit them there thats like smacking a million of his babies. (maybe she was trying to cure the tumor on ur balls?)

  xxCFHxx  |  0

Wait... How often do you look at dudes' sacks? I highly doubt accidentally seeing your friend's package once in gym doesn't immediately provoke that thought.

P.S. If you posted high as a motherfucker, then disregard this one, it's all good.

By  xxCFHxx  |  0

HAHAHA!!! Oh my god, 'snow globes'. That was actually pretty fucking funny, to be honest. Anyways, YDI for calling your mother-in-law a slag where you're wife can hear it.