By Indiana - 16/01/2010 05:14 - Canada

Today, I was getting off the bus, when these two guys behind me started commenting on my bag, oblivious to the fact that I could hear them say, "Look at his ugly man-purse," and "It that looks like the satchel that Indiana Jones has". I'm a girl. Who is planning majoring in fashion studies. FML
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They obviously have bad taste, because Indiana Jones' satchel is awesome.

lendmeyourteeth 0

maybe they just don't know about high fashion


lendmeyourteeth 0

maybe they just don't know about high fashion

its a european shoulder bag

masanya 0

Exactly, they probably just have a different taste and are incredibly rude since they think it's okay to criticize like that.

maybe you just had an ugly bag

stop whining or you won't get anywhere in life

yea, beauty is in the eye of beholder applies here very well

It's a murse!!!!

sounds a little like Hangover, when they were making fun of Allen

Dude that's what I was thinking... I hate it when people put up totally not funny and plagiarized FMLs.

yea the hangover for suure i dont call fake, i just reckon that the guys were saying it because it's from the hangover

katydraw 0

^^ I agree I don't think the guy who said that was being very original.

Do you expect people on the street to know about fashion? Especially guys? :P

It's true with an E.

THE HANGOVER!!!!!!!! it's not a man pures, it's a satchle. Indiana jones has one. I HEART FAT JESUS

So does Joy Bayhart.

beauty is in the eye of the beholder, i'm sure some people would like it. FYL for missing a chance to make an insensitive "GAAAAAAAAY" slur tho

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Lol mte.

They obviously have bad taste, because Indiana Jones' satchel is awesome.

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Fuck yes.

I third this completly truthful statement.

ummm agree with #2

Thats from The Hangover the movie they were just reciting the lines and thought it was perfect because you have satchel

Don't listen to them, people wouldn't say it's ugly if a famous designer did this. trust me, i know what iam talking about.

No, you obviously don't. I think a lot of shit is ugly, even when a famous designer has made it. Some of the crap these designers come up with should never have been made and needs to be burned in a giant "fashion faux-pas" bonfire. Like the Bonfire of the Vanities in Italy, only it's the Bonfire of the Really Ugly Shit that has Been Made in the Name of Fashion. I mean, have you SEEN some of the supposedly avant-garde crap they design? It's so freaking ugly! This is the only reason I gave up being a fashion designer and decided to be a concept artist instead. I'd never make it as a designer because I only design stuff that people would actually want to wear :|

it's probably a sign!

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I'm. Voting YDI. For anyone. Who improperly uses. Periods. To emphasize. A point. All. That does. Is make it. Hard to read.