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Today, I got fired from my job a week before I started my new position in a different area of the company. My supervisor found out I was going to be making more money than her. FML
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cpizzle12 tells us more.

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UPDATE: I talked with VP of sales s( he was going to be my new boss) .. And apparently something much more is going on that involves HR. HR drama going on I guess.. He will be further investigating this week and questioning the head HR lady that fired me. He called me today to get my side of the story.. Also asked me to email my resume to him. Lord willing the truth will be revealed!! I will update later when I find out more!

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Get a free consultation with an attorney, you most likely have a lawsuit here.

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That's definitely not legal. Get HR or someone involved.


Get a free consultation with an attorney, you most likely have a lawsuit here.

actually in multiple states (not sure if Virginia is one, so dont quote me) companies have the "right to fire" law on their side. meaning they don't need a reason, they can fire you just cuz they want to. my state is like that

That's horrible. Does that mean all you can do is confide in your boss that they aren't mean & unrighteous?

pretty much, nothing the law can do about it. who cares though, better to find a job you like with good co-workers and supervisors than stay at one with people like OP's last job

There must be someone higher up than your supervisor that you can hopefully talk to.

#27 wouldn't that clash with the Americans with Disabilities Act? I mean then you could have a pregnant lady fired with no reason given, but the boss actually fired her due to required maternity leave.

Not really. In an "at-will" state, a reason never has to be given for why you're being fired, or why you quit. It's a huge loophole. Now, that gets negated if OP was told that's why they were being fired. Wrongful termination applies if reason is given.

even if you're an at will employee there are certain reasons that if you have evidence or suspect those reasons are the cause you can sue. i.e. even at will employment doesn't protect an employer who fired someone for being a certain religion or sexuality. regardless it's good to look into and op should find out their options. there could be previous complaints about this behavior as well.

But any of these reasons to sue isn't possible in this situation. They HAVE to say why they fired you to be able to sue them about it in these states. If she didn't say why there is nothing he can do about it. And even if she did say she fired him because he will be making more money than her, it doesn't fit in with any disability or equal opportunity work environment.

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#32 id be pissed after workin for a while and finally getting a promotion only to get fired cause soon to be ex boss would be making less... screw that op needs to take this to the ones above that boss. especially in this economy, find new job? ha nobodies ever hiring unless op downgrades to lower paying job most likely...

That usually applies to the first month or so.

Really? over here in the UK you have to be fired for a valid reason otherwise the law is on your side. There's no right to fire here, its right to work this side of the pond.

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I HIGHLY considered it!.. But where I live word would have gotten around and I imagined it would make it difficult for me to get a job anywhere else. Sorry took so long to respond.

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That's definitely not legal. Get HR or someone involved.

It is in old dominion. Welcome to a right to work state.

In a right to work state it's basically legal to fire anyone for anything as long as you DONT give a real reason. But speaking with HR or the supervisor of the new department is really the only thing you can do unless you can prove an actual wrongful termination. I'm starting to think they fire all the vegans at my work, because we don't have any and it's sooooo nice since moving from SoCal.

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Turns out some sort of drama is going on with HR about it so my HR rep was against me in the first place it seems.. But not %100 sure yet. Will update as soon as it is validated and revealed.

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If she's old enough to be a supervisor, she is definitely too old to be that immature.

This is more common than you think. It's fairly typical for the jerks to work their way up.

yep, because dipshits in their department don't fire them. they promote them to get them out of their hair. Then they're surprised when a complete moron is driving the bus figuratively soeaking.

Jealous bitch. Good luck on finding a new job op :)

I'm not usually the sue happy type but this seems like something that should be taken to court. I'm sure Op would have a pretty good case against the company to either get their job back or get some kind of settlement for this.

On what grounds were you fired? There has to be an eligible reason to fire you not just that you make more money than them! Outrageous as hell!

Sadly in many states that's not true #6. As stated above in reply to #1's comment, many states still have the legal right to fire a person without any reason whatsoever.

you're right. but you can collect unemployment if you've not been given a good enough reason. this is also retaliation, in some form or other, which is absolutely illegal! I'd fight if I were you OP.

regardless of at will employment a person can still be terminated for reasons not on paper that are legally actionable. retaliation. discrimination. etc.

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The HR rep and the supervisor said, " you didn't clock in on the 17th of last month and the 20th of the month before that" I tried to argue to prove I was present by checking my work email but they wouldn't let me even speak without interrupting..

As your supervisor she should be thrilled you made it that far. Any human being who tears you down when you're on top is one who isn't happy with their own life and I apologize OP for you having to experience one of those individuals.

that's bullshit. talk to the people in the new position and hopefully they'll just hire you on like nothing happened.

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She sounds like a real dough-pe