By Kreen - 02/02/2012 08:10 - China

Today, I realized that mixing alcohol with my medication causes me to lose my memory. I went to see my favorite band in concert last night and I can't remember a single song they played. FML
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Well it's pretty obvious alcohol and medication don't mix! It probably said it on the information on the medications package. You fully deserve it

Do they not say on the prescription not to drink with alchohol..Learn to ready buddy...YDI


Well it's pretty obvious alcohol and medication don't mix! It probably said it on the information on the medications package. You fully deserve it

Agreed. Medication isn't a joke, you should be careful about it.

People die from doing that, be thankful you only lost your memory.

To be fair it also says op is in china. Dunno what kind of point I'm trying to make here, but then again, I'm a bit stupid and have been known to confuse sulphuric acid with astroglide, so yeah, ignore my verbal diarrhoea.

I wonder if I should make a possibly deadly concoction of alcohol and meds. I know you weren't thinking that, if thinking at all.

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you know you had a great night when you can't remember it in the morning! ;)

69- you're*. If you're going to call someone an idiot, do it right. 27- you are ignorant and self righteous.

I think 27 is confused with all the censorship in Korea.

Oh, Louisiana Bob. Your ignorance must be a hit with the ladies. -pats head lovingly whilst concealing the rubber chicken of death-.

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Talk the guy who can't remember what his doctor said. Maybe together you can remember.

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#27 well I'm assuming that you're assuming OP must be poorly and uneducated because he lives in China, so therefore not know about the risks of mixing drugs (medication and alcohol). But to be fair if he can afford to go to a concert he's probably not either one.

I could actually tell all of you the pharmacological reason behind not mixing drugs with alcohol but i won't because, i'll sound like a right prick

Agreed! If you take medication and want to drink, just drink... You can have the meds later on...

It sounds like you had a great night to me

It wasn't actually the alcohol and medication that made you forget, it was the roofies

How would you know? Better yet, how would OP know? Maybe he got anally violated with a cactus. Maybe he ran someone over with his car. I'll never understand why so many idiots say stupid shit like this about alcohol. I know OP's medicine contributed to it, but getting drunk to the point of blacking out isn't fun, smart, responsible, or anything else good.

he roofied himself, he should wonder what he did last night maybe a mini HANGOVER!

DocBastard- your opinion isn't necessarily everybody else's opinion. The keywords of my comment are "to me." To each his own, right?

Yes Mike, you are welcome to your moronic opinion that getting obliterated is loads of fun, just as I am welcome to mine that your opinion is moronic. See how that works?

Redundant doctor is redundant. And why the ostentatious stance on alcohol consumption?

Heh, atleast he remembers he went to go see his favorite band.

Mike, I don't think ostentatious means what you think it means. My opinion on alcohol is strict because I see first hand the effects of alcohol abuse, cirrhosis and drunk driving being the worst. If you were to see just ONE person killed by a drunk driver (I've seen dozens), you'd change your opinion quickly. Any other stupid questions?

First of all, don't call me Mike. That's not even my real name. Secondly, alcohol abuse is a bad thing, but it's a necessary evil, kind of like prostitutes. And there's nothing wrong with having a little fun every once in a while, just don't overdo it. And yes, I will admit that my definition of ostentatious is used loosely, nevertheless, it still works.

Oh I apologise, Mike. I just naturally assumed that since your username here is "Mikesomething" that abbreviating it by calling you "Mike" would be ok, just like people call me Doc even though that isn't my real name. And you never hear me bitching about it because that would just be stupid, now wouldn't it? My sincerest apologies, Mike. Second, you weren't talking about having a little fun and not overdoing it. You were talking very specifically about getting blitzed out of your mind and blacking out. Last I checked, that's the very definition of "overdoing it". And lastly, alcohol is a necessary evil? What the **** are you smoking? It isn't a necessary anything, and trying to describe it as such is foolish at best and utter idiocy at worst. Nice talking to you, Mike. I'm sure we'll cross paths again.

Lol. Who got the last laugh now, Doc?

145, It is a necessary evil, simply because without things we can enjoy life is very dull. But like anything, moderation is key. Besides, it does have health benefits if used wisely. And Mike, prostitutes aren't a necessary evil, since that would imply they are in some way a bad thing. Anyone who thinks getting drunk is "cool" suffers from some real identity issues and low feelings of self worth. If you need alcohol to make you into someone worth being around you should probably start working on some self improvement. You're a boring idiot. Besides, the only people who like drunks are other drunk people.

Downtime, learn to make life less dull yourself, you don't need alcohol to help you achieve that.

Thanks for the advice, I'll remember it when someone asks me "what's the most useless crap you've ever been told".

You mean mixing alcohol and medication is a bad thing? Whoops...

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That's what they *gets shot in the face*.

*walks by as if nothing happened*... move along, nothing too see here.

*walks along as told* Hey Who wants to go pour alcohol on a drugged scorpion and see what happens?

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Sounds like an average concert goers experience to me.

Do they not say on the prescription not to drink with alchohol..Learn to ready buddy...YDI

Accidentally adding a letter isn't indicative of bad spelling. He probably just had a typo which he then corrected.

Yea the spellcheck on my phone is ridiculous.

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I don't know how you can drink without alcohol. Lol

Spellcheck corrects misspelled words like alchohol, and doesn't add letters to words. You can't always blame autocorrect.

Um, yes you can. The iPhone 4S autocorrect is particularly obnoxious because it tries to be intelligent by changing words that are spelled correctly to other words that it thinks it's supposed to be that are spelled correctly. I don't know if this guy has a 4S but I have that problem all the time.

Spellcheck will do anything it changes game to play so don't tell me what it does do.

112, Alchohol isn't a word. Clearly spell check/auto-correct aren't enabled on his phone. It was an excuse.

You clearly have never had an iPhone...if you constantly type on the word "thw" over and over again your phone will think it's a word and when you type In any word that isn't a word like "thq" it will change to "thw"

...So you frequently make the same mistake and your phone has learnt from it. Therefore it isn't a simple typo but rather something much worse. Good work.

I used to not know how to spell alcohol so I would type it as "alchohol" and my phone changes it to that when I type alcohol. So unless you know how my phone works shut the **** up.

And there it is. You couldn't spell it. Thanks for confirming.

Well that's because mixing any medication with alcohol will screw you

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Not ANY medication, but most of the time its a bad thing.

When I mixed drink with my meds it basically made me absorb it quicker and therefore got drunk on like 4 beers. That sure was fun.

I thought everyone understood mixing medication and alcohol is a bad idea. Clearly, I am mistaken. At least, hopefully, you, OP, have learned your lesson.

Quit abusing the comma. My English professor would have your head if she saw this post.

Yeah, I have issues with abusing the comma. I am not sure why I over use it. *shrugs*

48- depends which head. Although, a comma fetish?!

No comma fetish. Just bad at using it appropriately sometimes. Or rather I think I need the comma in a place that I really don't. In other words, comma stupid. That's sad.

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Can't blame you for being disappointed when you're on medication it can be hard to remember you can't do everything you normally could but at least now you know I guess

Right? Imagine being pregnant or terminally ill! I would get really forgetful about those things! Yikes! (sarcasm)