By sasquatch21 - / Sunday 21 February 2010 13:36 / Bahrain
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  MacOSXpert  |  7

Lol this is something my boyfriend would write, He moved here and I'm doing Elder achievements on my alts, He's working his butt off and I don't pay too much attention to him...lol.

  Halfrican125  |  0

The OP deserved it. People become "addicted" to video games when they want to escape their social life. It's your fault for being a boring wife and not appealing to him.

  jillz  |  0

I agree with Ginathy. He'll never help out with the baby. Ever. Even loneliness would be better than the neglect and misery he's got in store for you. Not good for the tiny person to see that..Don't let that "man" be the example your baby sees. Run far and fast, while you can. If you hesitate, at least make sure he doesn't knock you up again. FYL for sure. :/

  Melly14398  |  0

o ya dump him even though she's pregnant?? come on people... who cares if guys play video games.. I would love for my man to do something other then being up my ass all day!! and no not like that

  MNnice  |  0

halfrican123, he's clearly not communicating with her, which is a problem. how can you blame his addiction on her? you're probably not married or a woman. I feel your frustration op!

  galaxy87  |  0

We are a couple who play wow together, along with DDO, Maple Story and Lord of the Rings on-line.
Our baby will probably be weiring yoda costumes playing Nintendo ds at the age of three.

  ccc01  |  1

Yeah to those who say playing WoW = virgin, you have no clue. I laugh at your discriminatory claims and replace them with facts. Many people who play WoW are adults and college people with lives and sometimes families. Your claims are largely based on ignorance and stereotyping (although they are very fun to laugh at for the stupidity of it)

  BritishHobo  |  0

I saw confront him and tell him to grow the hell up and help with the baby (I'm not saying all WoW players are immature, just all WoW players that neglect their pregnant wives for a game), and to stop playing WoW. If he doesn't agree, throw him out, go home, do whatever, just don't stay with someone so pathetic (again, not all WoW players are pathetic -_- just those neglecting babies).

Also, these FMLs about these fucking idiots that ignore their girlfriends and wives for games piss me off xD How do these people even get into relationships? And you just know the people in comments who say the game beats the girlfriend out every time are either trying to be funny and failing, single, or a FUCKING IDIOT.

Thank you.

  Aknika  |  0

You should just start to play with him. My boyfriend and I play together all the time. It's helped us a lot... The Bj while he's playing also works lol... good luck WoW is an addicting game.

  marz88  |  0

L2google? Haha Bahrain is a small island of the coast off Saudi Arabia. ( To the East). Oh and people like him give others that play WoW a bad name. Some of them lead absolutely normal social lives, but enjoy playing the game. Anything taken to extremes is bad.

By  raithex  |  0

My boyfriend and his sister's boyfriend both play Runescape and World of Warcraft. You'll get used to it, after helping him realize that you're still in the picture.

By  jinxr  |  0

My boyfriend has a XBOX 360 addiction. Try getting into WoW so you'll have a commen interest. You know what they say "Cant beat 'em, join 'em"!

  tounces7  |  21

Everyone else here is making a lot of idiotic assumptions.

I played WoW while my wife was pregnant, and yes, I ignored her to some extent, because who the frig wants to be around a moody pregnant woman?

However, when my kid was born, I changed diapers, watched her all the time, played with her, etc. I now have 4, and am very attentive, yet I still play WoW(occasionally).

So yeah, not all is lost, unless you're stupid about it. She's already pregnant with his kid, simply dumping him on the spot is an idiotic solution.

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