By someexplanationrequired - 03/08/2009 17:24 - Canada

Today, I broke my mother's Tiffany lamp from the 1920's. Practically crying, I raced onto the computer to try to find one to order before she comes back in three weeks. The lamp is worth over twelve thousand dollars, and the only way I'm getting one is if I lived 90 years ago. FML
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viola98 tells us more.

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Clarification: I broke the lamp by complete accident. I was vaccuming my living room and I caught the edge of the vaccuum on the end of the coffee table, and the light went crashing to the ground. I did tell my mom, and she was initially upset, but the lamp itself didn't have any sentimental value, making the situation a bit better. It was a vintage lamp she got at an auction in France. Thank you for your concerns and comments, haha, I've learned my lesson.

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No way - I have one I'll let you borrow.

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No way - I have one I'll let you borrow.

I spot a troll... feed her the glass from the broken lamp.

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Your mom deserves it for keeping something like that

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backformorebitch- hypocritical idiots like you annoy me. now everyone, just ignore him. on every FML.

good idea! and if you would be so kind to give this person a negative vote, so nobody can see his/her comment... and, to bad about your lamp, i really am. FYL indeed

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Personally, I would just play dead. The guilt is too much to handle, especially that my mom is an art fanatic.

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#2 im guessing theres more to the story that involes carlessness. YDI for not paying attention.

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oo gosh im sry ur moms going to kill you

Awww that sucks!!! But it was an accident.. so im sure she'll undersand.. I HOPE FOR YOU

Well, we don't know it was an accident. In fact if it was, that'd add more to the FML factor so it would've been mentioned. Really, we don't know if she accidentally broke it, or broke it while being stupid.

Why would she break it on purpose and then be really upset about not being able to replace it? I kind of doubt this was a "moment of passion" thing (like being angry at her mom for something) and that she then immediately felt bad for it. The most likely situation is that she accidentally broke it. And by the way, guys, if you're calling the OP clumsy, you're being ridiculous. EVERYONE has broken SOMETHING in his or her lifetime.

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There's a difference between something being a total accident and being someone's fault even if it is an accident. If she bumped the table it was on while walking by or something, that was an accident. It's different if she was, for instance, having a huge party while her mom was away and it got broken there. THAT would be a YDI. Judging by the fact that the OP doesn't say what actually happened, she was probably doing something stupid and knows it's her fault.

If your mom can afford that for a lamp, she could afford to have it insured.

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OP didn't say her mom bought it. Could have been a family collectible or heirloom or whatever.

Good point, although if she could simply afford to keep it around(not sell for $), it probably wouldn't be too much to insure. IMHO, putting out something that valuable is accepting a certain level of risk.

Or maybe it was worth a lot more to her than she could sell it for.

Yeah, if her late grandmother gave it to her or something, it would have sentimental value. Lamps like these can be repared, as long as they're not shattered like safety glass. The OP still has hope.

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Better get crackin' on finding a time machine. FYL

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Don't worry, you'll all die one day and then it won't matter

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you seriously made my entire day. you're awesome.

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how'd you break it? weinerdog- ever think it was passed down over several generations?


Damn that sucks. :( I'm sorry.

How did you break it? If you were being wild in the house or having a party--you deserved it. If it was clearly an accident, like bumping into it while cleaning, then indeed, FYL.