By 221bcompanion - 18/01/2016 05:18 - United States - Massillon

Today, I put more effort into getting and keeping my Sims onto a good sleep schedule in order to properly take care of their needs than I did for myself. FML
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I swear time jumps when you're on sims. No way I played that for 5 hours straight today...

Sims come first.


I admire your selflessness OP

Sims get so much undeserved hate from the nonSimmers :/

Sims come first.

This is basically me

Get some sleep, wake up rested and get out in the real world.

Real world has some pretty amazing graphics but the gameplay is complete shit.

#7 I agree, the real world needs a new dev. team. The current it like playing COD classic in xbox 1

And that dumb glitch where you can't respawn, no matter how many cheats you try to put in.

This is the most beautiful comment of FML.

You should get alarms at intervals to remind you to sleep and wake up, for the sims ofcourse

I swear time jumps when you're on sims. No way I played that for 5 hours straight today...

ThatOneChick856 36

This is pretty much a YDI situation... But I do the same :/ But I do it more to create a perfect life for my sim and then use that as a guideline for how I want to live my life.

It's at the point for me where I rarely play it because I know how easy it is to get sucked in and play all day (or night). It's good to maybe set a timer and/or only play on the weekends.

Is it ironic that the FML app saw fit to put a sims add at the bottom of my screen while I was reading this?

Try to get some actual sleep and go to the mall or something and walk around OP. Find something you like that's outside. I use to be heavy on video games but changed it.

Time to step away from the game

Of course kids are going to down vote this... And mine... Lol.