By HarryBeast - 10/12/2009 03:24 - Canada

Today, I pulled out three chips from a bag. There were two round ones, and a skinny one, making it look like a penis. I laughed. I'm 33. FML
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cocks are funny whatever age you are :)

I don't understand how your life is ****** by this.


Umm......I doubt this is a real fml. A lot of people would chuckle/laugh at it. Just as long as you don't overdo it. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its perfectly normal, most adults are just in denile I still draw dicks on the bus windows, and in college textbooks

#58 seems like the annoying over achiever that sits in the front of your philosophy class that always has to have a long over drawn input to every part of the lecture while the whole class rolls their eyes and trys to shut them out.

i dunt know who moderated this fml. this isnt even an fml, it's just stupid.

I don't understand how your life is ****** by this.

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Agreed. If you're not happy with your level of maturity, change it.

Penis' will always be funny. Regardless of age.

I would laugh... Harold and Kumar is based on the pipi-caca jokes, toilet humour never really loses its charm completely!

How is this an FML? You laughed at something penis-shaped. Many people will, even in their 30s.

Big deal, you are only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime. *Clicks the no one gives a crap button* kthnxby

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How is this a FML? If you did it at work, and your boss saw you giggling at the chips, then maybe. But as others have said, they think it's funny.

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I really resent fmls like this, you laughed.. so what.