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Today, as I was buying carrots, a little red light started flashing and an alarm sounded. Curious, I looked up, only to get sprayed in the face by a sprinkler for the produce section of the store. FML
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I always used to put my face in the mist when I was a kid. Not a big deal.


ahh. you are such a whimp if you think that's gonna hurt you. you probably needed it. if you took more showers you wouldn't be so alarmed at water hitting you in the face.

wow this is a lame fml

You should start licking the mist. Haha

Haha tricked ya.

exactly; lame. how'd this get passed?! it's not an fml; it's more like an ehh, shit happens moment. silly kid. xD

And the fact you instinctively looked up? Stupid FML.

Retard on aisle 12. Jk op.

this is not a legit fml. o.o

I smell my armpits.

oh my god, you are so stupid.

why was this put thru? o.o

op I think you were stinking up the store so they had to give you a shower hahahahah

I like toput my hands in the mist, then all the germy dirty water drips onto the food

ahah if I saw that I would laugh at you

its just mist, u dont get soaked from it. how did i never notice that vegetable aisles have sprinklers

It's just water, chill. :) Itll dry off.

I agree with the above ^^ you aren't going to melt or anything. and it was a sprinkler right not a downpour....

Free Shower!!!!!!!!

hahah see if I were u i'd be laughing

hahahahahahha oh wow stupid :P no biggy except its kinda embarassing and it hirts ur eyes for a lil bit get over it :) haha

It seems that some of the employees there found out how to work the watering system. Sounds like a joke I would do.

... Maybe the OP was afraid of melting? lol

I always used to put my face in the mist when I was a kid. Not a big deal.

agree and did the same^

Ya they have those mist machines at Disney. So refreshing on a hot day.

#2 I still do that...

this is not a fml so u got a little wet big deal

shea627 20

I love those

your picture makes you sound/look sarcastic

nvm. this one mad kid said that he loved the shower things. I swear he was here a minute ago...

WTF!?! there he is!

I think it's a girl.

shea627 20

well I'm trying to change it but my computer broke and I don't think I can do it from my phone

it was a different picture when I wrote my first comment. no offence to " Shea " but I can't tell what gender you are

why was this passed? the exact same FML was posted earlier today....

this is a very stupid fml I do not understand how it got passed either.

Haha. I love those little spray things xP

Deffinately not an FML

bitch got sprayed haha