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  aFatFuck  |  0

yeah, also aren't blazers unisex unless it's like hot pink or something. I mean how would you differentiate between a male blazer and a female blazer?


94 are you delusional!?? Ever heard of menswear fashion? Designers like Armani tailoring the perfect men's suit? Do you think women have broad shoulders and torso, do you think men have breasts and curves? Men and women are usually shaped differently unless your genes are naturally skinny like Japanese..

  akayc32  |  0

79, why would a man try on a blazer that he intended to buy for his girlfriend? That might actually be slightly more embarrassing. By the way, did anyone else think OP was female with the way this was worded? I've never heard a guy say he looked hot in something... Sexy-yes, hot-not so much.