By Fred - 05/08/2011 05:45 - Japan

Today, I went into a crowded store and tried out a blazer. I was thinking to myself how hot I looked in it when the manager tapped me on the shoulder and politely said, "Excuse me sir, that's a ladies' blazer." FML
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Blink, and say "Yes. I know."

Well, at least you weren't trying on swimsuits....


did you somehow wind up in the ladies section?

Atleast he didn't say "That looks terrific madam" lol

There's not always a clear divide and blazers are a fairly masculine item.

Or some lady put it in the men's section

who cares if it's a ladies blazer or a mens blazer, if it looked that great I would still wear it like it was meant to be made for me. (:

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I agree with 64 :)

this fml would have been even better if OP was a girl haha

Sometime girls put clothes into other sections so someone else doesn't buy them,like during a sale or something

I'm pretty sure the FML here is that the manager mistook OP for a man, when she's really a girl.

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But his name is Fred......

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Wait NEVERMIND. I just had a brain fuck. I apologize.

^80 that's what I thought at first

as it turns out. you look like a man.

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and your point is?

So what? As pong as it looks good on you, OP. I wear boy stuff and I'm a girl.

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thats really none of his business but fyl

I wondered how did he even fit in that blazer, then I saw Japan...

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I was thinking that joke as in... he has a small weiner... but idk if 68 meant it that way...

74 your picture is amazing. :O

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76-You aren't supposed to put blazers on your penis.

I was joking... I guess it was stupid...

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yeah, also aren't blazers unisex unless it's like hot pink or something. I mean how would you differentiate between a male blazer and a female blazer?

94 has an epic username don't deny it.

94 are you delusional!?? Ever heard of menswear fashion? Designers like Armani tailoring the perfect men's suit? Do you think women have broad shoulders and torso, do you think men have breasts and curves? Men and women are usually shaped differently unless your genes are naturally skinny like Japanese..


tell him u are gay

Tell him you're a woman!

"I'm a lady!" - Little Britain

Tell him you're trying it on for your girlfriend.

Tell him you're about to have a sexchange.

Orrrrr you could just say it's for your GIRLFRIEND.

79, why would a man try on a blazer that he intended to buy for his girlfriend? That might actually be slightly more embarrassing. By the way, did anyone else think OP was female with the way this was worded? I've never heard a guy say he looked hot in something... Sexy-yes, hot-not so much.

Like it matters who can tell the Japanese apart anyway?

Tell him you still want it but never mind now.

I see no problem with that

Blink, and say "Yes. I know."

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Aw don't feel bad. Michael Scott made the same mistake

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Well, at least you weren't trying on swimsuits....

it happened to chandler from friends when he got married. who cares? if you look good, get it