By grow up! - 7/8/2021 14:01


  Today, I went back home for a visit after nearly 10 years. I met up with some old friends at a bar and had an amazing evening. Afterwards, two of the wives told me I’m never allowed to speak to, nor see their husbands again, since I slept with them in high school. This was years before they even met. FML
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By  aribanks  |  12

I get it. Its easier to sleep with someone you've already slept with before. Its not about you personally, its about a wife being protective of her home. They don't know you like that and you've had sex with their husbands and haven't been around in a decade. Old sparks can fly and their just being prudent. Dont take it personally.

By  Bogrbon  |  24

I’ll be honest, I expect my wife would be a bit suspicious if I met up with an ex. But it’s not on the ex, it’s on me to respect my wife, by avoiding what could be the appearance of something off.

By  LovelyMe1222  |  4

Do they not realize if you wanted their husbands you probably could've had them and they would've never met said husband? Lol. So really you sleeping with them helped them find their happiness in a round about way in my opinion lol