By jsw029 - 26/02/2009 04:51 - United States

Today, I met a guy at a bar and we went back to my room. We start having sex and about 30 seconds in he stops and says it's not right - he likes me too much for a one night stand. He gives me his number, a kiss on the cheek and leaves. Turns out he already came. I call his phone - wrong number. FML
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That guy's pathetic... unbelievable

She probably got pregnant.


That guy's pathetic... unbelievable

How'd you find out he'd already come? Did he leave the used condom on your nightstand next to the fake phone number?

She probably got pregnant.

That's probably what happened!


#9 is right. I guess you deserve it that way.

Pssh, you didn't deserve it at all. What a jackass.

aren't you glad he gave you a wrong number? if you only was lasting not even a min. what fun would that have been for you later. unless your into that kinda thing.

Dumbass. She wants his number because he could have gotten her pregnant and she can never find him now.

#14 : +1, i AGREE !


F*** your life because of this? Why exactly?

Why are people assuming you didn't use a condom? He could have quite easily have took it off himself and not made it obvious... Anyway, I both think the guy is pathetic whilst at the same time think he's a bit of a God. I recall an earlier FML about a guy who came really prematurely and the girl just laughed and left... so in way he shifted the FML post from him to you. :-P

this man is a genius actually lmao

What do you expect, meeting a guy at a bar? Just sayin..