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Today, I met a girl who's the whole package: brains, beauty, shared interests, great personality, single, and into me. Too bad I married my bitchy, depressive high school girlfriend who said she'd kill herself if I didn't. Sometimes, she still tells me she'll do it if we divorce. I believe her. FML
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Note to self: Don't marry while still a horny teenager.

YDI for marrying someone because of a threat... grow a pair!


Note to self: Don't marry while still a horny teenager.

Ive had 2 girls threatin to kill themselves over me I saw 1 yesturday at sainsburys.... The other i saw with this other guy a few weeks ago * I smell a cheater *

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She needs extensive therapy, not a husband, to fix her problems. Get her help, therapy, drugs, whatever ASAP, and divorce her for inconsolable differences if she does not improve. It's your life. Don't let her ruin it.

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The first thing every psychiatrist says is that many people talk about suicide, whereas only a small percentage actually does. People who THREATEN to do it, are even less likely to follow through. Just leave her, marry the one for you,

@White667: That's a myth. People who commit suicide usually do mention it beforehand, which is why threats must always be taken seriously.

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i agree with #124. leave that crazy psycho-bitch. staying in a relationship with a crazy person like that?= bad for you. she ends her life then 1 less crazy bitch in the world and 1 more happy couple. go for you in this case. and tell her to get help. but she might try to kill YOU so watch out

LOL divorce her and call me I wanna se her commit scuicide. I'll bring popcorn and drinks :D But seriously don't let her ruin your life... Do what you like and be with who you like... Remember, you only live twice (:

She needs help, not you giving into her ultimatums. Believe me. The best thing you could do would be to get her into a residential facility and divorce her so that her parents or other family take appropriate responsibility for her care.

Actually 134, 132 is correct. If you look at the statistics most people who actually commit suicide don't actually tell anyone. Often cause they don't believe anyone would even care. Those who do talk about it, especially those who talk about it a lot, usually just do it for attention. I have suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts and have a lot of friends who have as well. One girl I knew used to talk about it all the time and multiple times I had to get up at 3 in the morning to go help her cause she was "going to kill herself" or she had "cut her wrists", though she always did it across the street and not down the highway, which is the proper way to kill yourself. Finally one night I had an exam the next day and she woke me up at 4 am saying she was going to kill herself and she had a knife. I was so fed up I told her "Go ahead, just kill yourself. No one even cares anymore we are just sick of hearing your empty threats. It would make our lives so much easier if we didn't have to put up with your b.s. anymore." I know it sounds harsh, but guess what? Not only did she not kill herself, she didn't even cut herself. And 2 years later she actually thanked me for calling her on it and giving her a wake up call. Said it helped her get help and deal with her issues. BTW OP, YDI for letting someone threaten you into marrying them.

Agreed. How can you commit the rest of your life to one person based on an empty threat. Furthermore, the woman who supposedly 'has it all' probably only seems that way in comparison to you and your dumb wife.

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Okay your evil wife sounds like she has mental problems. You married her. You signed a legal contract her love her through better or for worse. You entered into this institution willingly. Saying she is suicidal and a bitch is just because you are too big of a coward to 1) call her out on it 2) like that she needs you deep down inside or 3) are a pussy who can't say no. At one point you loved her. Even if the love is gone, you need to honor your commitment. Get her help. If she cannot be helped then you have a right to divorce her. But have you EVEN tried. She is your wife, you are obligated to protect her. Even if you divorce her, you chose to marry her. You knew what you were getting into if she said "I am going to kill myself if you don't marry me." I don't feel bad for you. Get her help, contact her family, and then go about fixing your life. YDI

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Actually, that is completely wrong, #167. 90% of people who make suicide attempts tell people beforehand. And telling someone they should kill themselves and that it would be less of a burden to have them gone is an awful thing to do. Just read about Megan Meier.

#189: >You entered into this institution willingly. >"I am going to kill myself if you don't marry me." I'm not sure you understand the concept of free will. It seems pretty obvious to me that the OP was coerced into marriage. In some countries, that would mean the marriage wasn't valid in the first place. OP could try making himself so unbearable that his wife ditches him. You'll both come out of the marriage feeling better for breaking up.

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Just for that: I am not sure what you are trying to say to me, or if you were trying to compliment me. I am not sure. But he signed the papers. In this case he married her because of guilt, but hell he still married her. He could have moved to another country, if that's what it took. He didn't even fight it. So he is to blame.

try thinking about OP's feelings, will you? maybe he doesnt want to be THE REASON SOMEONE KILLED THEMSELF. Ever think of that? And since we're deciding who should and shouldn't die, why don't YOU blow YOUR brains out, huh? One less inconsiderate asswipe in the world.

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Take into consideration the Op? Did he take into consideration the wife? She might really be mentally ill. He hasn't do anything but bitch about it on FML. You don't marry someone and just abandon them. If that is how he wants to be then he shouldn't have married anyone. You don't marry someone out of guilt! If he signed the paper and she didn't have a gun to his head, then I think he entered it willingly. He needs to have a backbone. But don't abandon her. Get her help then leave.

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leave her and put her in a rubber room

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pro tip: don't stick your dick in crazy

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wow that was well put! ur good at advice lol :D

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let her ha ha ha ha no that's not funny

Divorce her,m. if she kills herself, that's her fault not yours.

@jadian He clearly said that's lots of people talk the talk but don't walk the walk. He never said that ppl who walk the walk don't talk the talk. #Logic

This. Her health and safety isn't anyone's responsibility other than her own, and you should never feel guilty about pursuing what you want in life. Leave her, tell her to get her bitchy ass in therapy, and start your life.

exactly what #24 said. You can actually get her committed for psychiatric problems if you tell them what she said. In the end though, just divorce her. Her life isn't your responsibility, and you're doing no one a favor by staying with her. In the end you'll kill yourself for having to put up with her crap.

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You are an idiot for marrying a dumb manipulative bitch. If you had any sense you would dump her crazy ass now.

Not only are you an idiot for marrying her, you're an idiot for continuing to fall for the same stupid attempts at emotional blackmail.

YDI for marrying someone because of a threat... grow a pair!

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The guilt of being the cause of someone to end their life is pretty extreme. I've had a few suicidal/depressed friends and they can be amazing people. Even more so if you can get them help. But loosing someone you know and care about (even if it's just a little) is bad enough already. Not to say being the cause of someone to commit suicide.

Wow Get your wife some help. Then divorce her. Staying with her because she's threatening to kill herself isn't making either of you happy.

Definitely agreed. You need to live your life!! Well, depending on what you believe in.. you only have one! .. FREE YOURSELF!!!

I say you kill your wife by yourself and go have some fun for once

You need to get her some help and learn that you're not responsible for what she does. This does not sound a healthy relationship and you would be better off out of it than in.

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I had a girlfriend like that in high school, I dumped her anyway and she thankfully ended up marrying some other prick about a year later.

YDI for allowing yourself to be manipulated into such a position.

I am so sorry dude, I'm kinda in your sitch right now. Ignore the YDI it comments because they haven't been there, and they don't know what they're talking about. You have to get out though. The best thing I think you can do is share with you're friends or family (if you're still allowed unsupervised visits) whats going on and get some real people to help you out of there, because all the sympathetic FML commentators in the world won't get you out. Of course maybe my advice is useless, because I'm still there. K, I'm gonna go read FMLs about angry fat people now and cheer up.

@#121: I was about to thumb you down for posting in the wrong thread, because I genuinely thought you were writing about being in prison! :-)