By Anonymous - France
Today, I was working as a clown (Pennywise) in a haunted maze. A bunch of drunk guys came in and started breaking props. I decided to stay still and follow through with the scare. I ended up getting kicked in a very sensitive area. The security guard just laughed. FML
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By  FerrariCake  |  2

You were in a haunted maze?? You could have killed them with a chainsaw and no one would have noticed!! Everyone would have assumed their dismembered bodies were just props.

You have to recognize opportunity when it's staring you in the face or you won't get anywhere in life.

  ktbird  |  0

Uh no I disagree. It's his job to scare people which he was doing. it's security's job to control unruly people and the guard didn't do shit.

  firecopy  |  6

uhhh he would have been a dumbass if he did help because he would have been tolls off by his employer. However I completly agree that the gaurd is a dumbass and should be fired.