By Anonymous - 26/10/2014 10:35 - Australia - Sydney

Today, I'm so out of shape, I started wheezing on my way to check my mailbox. Not my physical mailbox, either; my email inbox on the phone I'd left on the table at the bottom of the stairs. FML
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Time to get some exercise. Slow and steady. You may of deserved this but it's never to late to start fixing it.


Time to get some exercise. Slow and steady. You may of deserved this but it's never to late to start fixing it.

jad0016 12

Maybe you need some motivation there is nothing like getting chased by dogs

I read that as hogs... Either way works I suppose.

I read that as chasing hot dogs.... I'll show myself out.

I agree. OP wasn't even going UP the stairs. She was going down. Start exercising and stop sitting around on your phone all day. Your body will thank you.

incoherentrmblr 21

That sounds just as bad as trying to squeeze cupcake icing out of a tube...

37, OP is male. Still, maybe he should start to get in shape by using the stairs more often.

Have, not of. "You may HAVE deserved this".

It's a wonder op made it up the stairs in the first place aha..

Varhsity_tK 9

well.... let's hope your internet doesn't run too quickly so you can keep up with it!

You should really work out! Its good for you buddy ;)

alex_the_tiger 14

I'm pretty sure that's not out of shape, just fat

ahippienamedrae 10

23, being out of shape doesn't always have much to do with weight. It is possible to be skinny and out of shape, too.

It's true. I'm 110lbs and eat almost completely candy, and I never work out. I would never consider myself in shape or healthy.

It's absolutely possible to be fat and healthy. As long as you are not morbidly obese, have a low percentage of visceral fat and have enough muscle structure and fitness to exercise (and do that, too), there are almost no health drawbacks from being chubby.

#23 it has nothing to do with fat. i remember almost passing out frm washing my hair. And i was at my thinnest that period of my life.

Can you wait till payday? I don't have that much cash.

Get down and give you 50? How about I just get down? *starts dancing to disco music*

The sad part is OP might not even be able to give you 5, since going down stairs winds him. (Unless there's a LOT of stairs....but probly not)

I agree with #1. I don't blame you tho OP. I'm so out of shape myself and just picked up some Ben and jerrys.

Just cause people are skinny doesn't mean they're in shape idiot.

#10, there is a difference between being out of shape and being over- weight. You could be out of shape and still be skinny. Some people just can't put on any wieght no matter how much they eat but are still out of shape because simple physical activity could tire them out. It all depends on what your body type/metabolism is like :).

11 is right. I'm quite slim because of a fast metabolism, but I'm very unfit.

simplysarcastics 26

Very true my biggest friend was never out of breath when walking, while my smaller friend was always out of breath. It turns out she had asthma, which I have too. So sometimes the person can be small but not have high stamina, also there could be underlying issues. Plus I don't think she was trying to fish for compliments, I think she was trying to relate to op.

Why not both? *rolls away crying but runs out of breath 2 rolls in and faints*

maybe it's a panic attack but either way it's no bueno

At least there were stairs you can blame it on.

DontClickOnMe 28

That's really sad, but since you know you're out of shape, you should start working out and eating healthier. Take baby steps if you have to. Good luck, OP.

Well at least you've realised how bad you've let yourself get, it's not too late to start doing something about it. Coming up to summer, swimming would be perfect