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  kyz_xox  |  11

I went to the Sugar Shack when I was in Quebec. Their maple syrup is amazing! The candies are yummy too. My favourite maple stuff they made there was the maple butter and the frozen maple syrup they put on the icy snow.

  SquishFish  |  15

I should have worded my first comment better. What I meant is the fake stuff. The real stuff from the maple trees..... Is beyond heavenly. Mmm so good. But usually only the fake stuff is labeled as pancake syrup, at least from what I've seen

  onlychildFTW  |  33

The fake stuff is disgusting. It doesn't even taste like maple syrup. It's just disgusting. Haha. Really no other word for it. Being in Canada you really don't see the fake stuff for sale.

  counterfit  |  10

My brother's father in law used the leftovers from his friend's sugar house to make maple mead last year. It was strong and delicious and everything right in the world.

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

78- I'm a bit guilty of living the Canadian stereo type myself, from saying Eh, eating poutine, and building igloos in the winter for the fun of it, right down to apologizing to people who run into me, making maple syrup on the BBQ, ice fishing on the lake and riding my pet polar bear to work after I take my beaver for a walk. ;P
I'm living the northern dream, my friend. ;)

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

110- *Sticks a maple leaf pin on your cowboy hat*
Congratulations, you're now an honourary Canadian! ;)
Assuming you handle the last challenge. Here, repeat after me:
Rrrrrroooooooolllllll up the Rrrrrrrrim to Win! ;P
(If you don't get it, don't apply!) ;)

  Krirn  |  21

I really thought the Mods got to 4's comment, then I read all the replies, checked out her Profile, and started second guessing myself.


Really, you guys? Her being engaged is none of your business and it's quite rude for you guys to comment and say mean things about it. You don't know the circumstances. Her boyfriend could be going into the service at a young age, and they need to marry for different reasons. I know some commenters can be pretty harsh, but come on, that crossed the line.

  zandalee  |  19

What the fuck.
Why is everyone thumbing you down for having to move out of your dream apartment?!
Have a heart guys. No one has dreams anymore? Sheesh.