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Today, my psycho-obsessed ex-girlfriend blabbed all about how she got a check in the mail for $1000 from CrimeStoppers on Facebook and Twitter. This explains how my current girlfriend and two of my friends all got arrested last week for having weed. FML
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So you're telling me I could snitch on people to pay my bills?

I have so much snitching to catch up on.


So you're telling me I could snitch on people to pay my bills?

I have so much snitching to catch up on.

Snitches get stitches, but it's still 1k, soooo...

Only if those snitches don't die! Higher odds of a snitch getting put in the ditch.

Mathalamus 24

You can, apparently. Just be prepared to accept the possibility of your social life imploding because of it.

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What a waste of good weed, unless the cops smokes it during the coffe break at 4.20...

Well, did your friends really had drugs with them or not? Are they still in jail? This needs a follow up

They wouldn't be arrested if they didn't have drugs in their possession...

The hell? Doesn't the FML say "for having weed"? Or are you being sarcastic...

I think he meant was the weed theirs or did his ex plant it on them.

Your girlfriend and two friends deserved it though. Sorry, but the law is the law.

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It does not matter if it's unjust or not. Law is law.

I agree - the law is the law. Disagreeing with something doesn't change it. I personally think cannabis use SHOULD be legalised, however, I am aware of the risks involved should I choose to break the law.

Exactly. If you don't want to deal with the consequences, don't break the law. Simple. Doesn't matter what you think about it. If you think something's wrong, by all means campaign against it, but breaking the law won't help.

Yep, and what a great use of our tax dollars it is enforcing and putting people in jail over said law...

I would agree if they were just caught with it. I have to say FML for the bitchy ex. How did she even know anyway..?

I think what OP is saying is that his psycho obsessed ex placed weed to frame OP's friends and girlfriend.

JustinJK 21

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unless his girlfriend and two friends are in other states Cali along with a couple other states has pot as a legal substance and therefore his girlfriend and friends should not been arrested

ChopSuey444 20

#39 No one said the law was always right. Society evolves and shapes. Saying "Slavery was once legal" is NOT a good argument for using illegal drugs. And even that's evolving, into legal medical use and maybe someday it'll be legal for recreational purposes all around. But don't pretend it's on the same level as legal racial discrimination/cruelty, that's asinine.

#39 I don't think anyone said that the law should be ACCEPTED, more that if you know you do something illegal that you should prepare yourself for consequences, be they justified or not. The world is far from perfect, and the laws we live by are far from perfect. Progression is slow, but it's your own fault if you're caught knowingly breaking law.

Yes, law is the law. How many people here do the exact speed limit in their vehicles? Do you ever roll a stop sign or try beating a yellow light and continue to go through an intersection even though your light was red? Does everyone use their turn signals while changing lanes? How many people smoke cigarettes before they're 18 or drink alcohol before they're 21? Everyone here who says "the law is the law" I can promise breaks the law almost on a daily basis themselves. Before passing judgement on some weed which is beginning to be legalized anyway..... let's all stop and realize we are just as guilty as they are.

rldostie 19

But 47, if I speed or roll through a stop, I know I'm doing something illegal and willing to risk the consequences. If a cop stops me, I know I deserve it, even if I don't agree with the speed limit or where a stop sign is placed. I have no one to blame but myself. It's the same with weed. Even if the law is stupid, a waste of tax payers dollars, and one doesn't agree with it, it's still illegal and if you break that law, you must be willing to face the consequences. You have no one to blame but yourself if you get caught. If I speed and get caught, it's not like I'm going to get angry at the cop and blame him.

Redgy22 26

I THINK this FML was about OP's ex girlfriend bragging on the web about getting his current girlfriend & buddies arrested & making money off it. Not sure why you've taken a left turn & climbed on a soapbox.

#48 This FML is from California where they have a conflicting law. State law says its allowed, federal law says its illegal. This has as consequence that people can get arrested for breaking the federal law, while getting released in court because it's legal under state law. And that ACTUALLY happens. Huge waste of money and infriction on people's freedom... So where does that fit in your equation? They are allowed to do it, it's state law. They AREN'T allowed to do it, it's federal law.

Im sorry but weed should never be legallized for recreational purposes. Weed is fine as a prescribed drug for certain illnesses, but beyond that it needlessly messes with the brain's chemistry. Alcohol is the same. The brain's chemistry is in a delicate balance and changing that balance without a legitimate medical need is dangerous. Most mental disorders are caused by an imbalance in the chemicals in the brain.

#39 you can't really compare slavery to smoking weed

@68 Yes it does bad things to the brain, but why does that means it NEEDS to be illegal? Skydiving is waaaay more of a health-risk but that's still legal AND SHOULD be legal. Anything that has harmfull effects should have massive warning labels enforced by law, but not illegal. People can and should make their own decisions about their life. For you it's not worth it? Ok don't use it. For them it's worth it. Ok use it. People should get protected by the law but only to the point that it's not infricting on their freedom. For it to be illegal (in my eyes), it should have harmfull effects on someone besides the user or harmfull effects that are out of bounds (death, super addictive, ...) or you should have a history of serious abuse of the substance.

rldostie 19

65, I would wonder why the Feds were involved in such a case. USUALLY, when a state law exists, state police abide by the law where as federal officials can enforce their version of it. So in order for you to be charged for breaking a federal law in a state where its legal, the Feds are involved, not the state police. This is usually in cases of trafficking and selling. So it's not the case for small time users. So have enough weed to use recreationally for yourself? Ok. Have enough to being considered "intent to sell"? Not okay. Feds won't bother with personal recreational use but will for intent to sell. Perhaps the OPs friends/gf had a little too much on them.

friedpwnadge 25

You know what else was legal? Slavery. The ******* holocaust. Blacks were once legally 3/5 of a man. Yeah, the law is a great moral compass.

Aren't you late for your Scientology meeting?

Pulling random shit out of your ass does not prove your point. You failed to mention that when people the laws are unjust people will fight to change them. Until then this pot law it still a law.

I will disobey unjust laws 100 percent of the time and living in Australia we have lots of stupid nanny state laws and over regulation to contend with.

#48 the penalty for traffic violations are much more reasonable than drug violations. it's easier to say that you are okay with the consequences when the consequences are not extreme.

The holocaust was never legal that's a crime against humanity called GENOCIDE. Genocide was never legal bro and I'm offended you thought it was, considering I am a Jew who lost family in the holocaust

D11Churchkill 8

Yea everyone here is like "Yeah serves them right for enjoying themselves!" Shit just cause its the law doesn't make it wrong. No one gets harmed why should they go to prison for smoking?

D11Churchkill 8

The point of the argument is that "law is law" is a dumb argument, not that illegal weed is as oppressive as slavery. No one said that.

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Sathane 21

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I vote #13 for president. He comes across as a politician about things that matter.

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They don't arrest you for not having anything on you. That's not how that works.

Rethink your question...and learn our damn legal system please

No one deserves jail for weed. Weed suffers from the same bullshit that alcohol did in the 20s - no government regulation. Once they figure out how to profit off of it, it will be allowed everywhere.

I believe what they meant was did the ex plant the weed, or did they own the weed?

Mathalamus 24

Well, weed is clearly illegal. They deserve to be arrested. If they were smart, they would make a trip to a legal state, for the weed. Or waited till it was legal.

Or carry less on them. You don't get arrested for a couple grams. They just give you a ticket and may give you a court date according to a few people I used to work with.

Or, since it's California, spend the $50 on a marijuana prescription card and get/possess it legally. It's not that hard to do.

infantrysoldier 10

In California you only get a $100 ticket if it's below 28 grams.

She's a butt for reporting them but at the same time they did have an illegal substance so it was just a matter of time before they got caught.