The illustrated FMLs

Today, I'm 25 years old, I've got an education and I only now found out in front of 15 people that, no, sparrows are not small pigeons that are going to grow up. FML

By pablito / Thursday 17 April 2014 10:37 / France - Bron
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  raphanne_fml  |  33

#33 Yes, they try to translate the puns in every language. That's why it was interesting for me to discover the English names. Some pokémons have the same name in all languages though, like Pikachu.

  hashshim  |  21

Actually you could say "It was good of you". Good would act as the subject complement to "It" since "it" precedes a linking verb and would therefore need to be an adjective rather than an adverb. Depending on which word is being modified, both would be correct.


Actually in France, they celebrate the Easter Bells that have wings and throw eggs into the lawns of children (At least that's what High School French class has taught me. It might need some touching up).

  VeganVampyre  |  26

My 25 year old boyfriend just found out that peanuts exist. He thought peanut was just the word for any type of nut :P I think everybody has that one thing that you learned or assumed incorrectly as a kid and just never found out the truth.