By pablito - 17/04/2014 10:37 - France - Bron

Today, I'm 25 years old, I've got an education and I only now found out in front of 15 people that, no, sparrows are not small pigeons that are going to grow up. FML
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Just wait until OP finds out that her pet didn't go to live on a farm.

Somebody tricked you good as a child, didn't they?


Just wait until OP finds out that her pet didn't go to live on a farm.

Wait... My hamster didn't go to the hamster farm for vacation when he got sick...?

Nightwing98 22

I guess OP never played Pokemon growing up. Spearow does not evolve into Pidgeotto!

When my cat came back from his farm vacation he was smaller, a different color, and didn't remember his name. Odd...

#12 OP is French though, so if he played Pokémon in French, Spearow is called Piafabec.

30 did not know that. I thought the pokemon just had the same names for the most part.

why would they? its a japanese made game

CheeseTron 15

#8 no Mr Slave took him. Lemmiwinks is in a better place.

#33 Yes, they try to translate the puns in every language. That's why it was interesting for me to discover the English names. Some pokémons have the same name in all languages though, like Pikachu.

Not sure why I thought that. Guess more of a brainfart than anything.

Pokemon got me like

Must be a big farm what with all the pets going there.

AurumPotestasEst 16

You would have learned that by now if you paid attention when you were playing Pokemon...

30 - Also, despite the name, Pidgeotto/Pidgeot are actually based on eagles. Would have been more appropriate to say that Spearow does not evolve into Tranquill ^^

Who plays pokemon anymore

#110 no. It would make more sense to say that spearow doesn't evolve into pidove

Somebody tricked you good as a child, didn't they?

What I wonder is who even came up with that thought in the first place

It might have been one of those things that kids rationalized themselves. Thinking back, I did that a lot myself.


that's why it says FML after the paragraph

Caw caw'mon, OP.

"I have got an education"... anyone else see the irony? *gotten

#41 Please don't start the British English VS American English debate again.

Duh, OP, it'll turn into Fearow!

Or Starraptor :P

The starly evolutionary line is based of of the starling, not the sparrow. Also, Spearow resembles more of a falcon.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought of Pokemon

Yeah, I always thought Pidgy looked more like a sparrow than Spearow.

Thats more like trivia than major info you missed out on. If thats all, your doin good! :)

The difference between good & well, however, is major information.

It was well of you to point that out to him.

Actually you could say "It was good of you". Good would act as the subject complement to "It" since "it" precedes a linking verb and would therefore need to be an adjective rather than an adverb. Depending on which word is being modified, both would be correct.

Thank god there is a Grammar Nazi here. If I had tried to correct him, I probably would have got it wrong.

Also there is no Easter bunny.

WHAT!? Oh... you're being sarcastic. Thank god...

Of course he is 18. Who do you think lays all the eggs?

Actually in France, they celebrate the Easter Bells that have wings and throw eggs into the lawns of children (At least that's what High School French class has taught me. It might need some touching up).

I knew a girl in high school that thought that rabbits laid eggs because of the Cadburry commercials. I bet OP doesn't feel so silly now.

Did you forget Santa on purpose?

kewpiesuicide 29

My 30 year old girlfriend just found out that pickles are pickled cumcumbers. You're not that bad off in comparison...

I always thought that 'pickle' was a bitter remark at my poor endowment; I'm glad that it's just cucumbers!

Thank god I read your comment now, while I am 25 years old. I'm at least not as bad off as your girlfriend -_-

I learned something new today... I feel like an idiot.

Cumcumbers, teehee

My 25 year old boyfriend just found out that peanuts exist. He thought peanut was just the word for any type of nut :P I think everybody has that one thing that you learned or assumed incorrectly as a kid and just never found out the truth.

That sucks, but hey, at least your cat will one day be a tiger, right? ...right?

Everyone knows cats grow up to be lions!

I thought they grew up to be cougars. I mean they're all over the bars around here.

askullnamedbilly 33

You watched a lot of Pokémon when you were a kid, didn't you?