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  Today, my boyfriend and I got into a fight. Doubting our relationship, I asked him seriously if he loved me. He looked thoughtful, gathered me in his arms and said, "If I say yes, will you be less pissed?" and then tried to stick his hand down my pants. FML
rig_89 tells us more :
OP here! Haha. For those wanting to know what happened afterwards - Me: Are you trying to have sex with me right now?! Him: Seems like it. Me: *stomp off pissily* Yeah. We made up later. He told me I was the last girl he wanted to have sex with, and in his book that was pretty much love. :) Haha. He makes jokes a lot, but I was in a bitchy mood it didn't seem funny to me right then, he didn't realize how upset I was and that it would make me even more upset. Now I think its hilarious, and its a win for both of us since we got on FML! :) And yeah, he got some later after we made up lol. Overall, he isn't a total douche and I didn't mean to pull a bitch move on him. I was being overemotional.
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just cuz your in a relationship doesn't mean he loves you or you him. Obviously that should be the goal but all this love at first sight stuff isn't always real. Alot of people need time for that kind of stuff to grow. Don't dump him unless your sure that you are at the point where you need that reciprocated.

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well #45, if you don't care why waste your time to comment?
op, I wouldn't make this a big deal. sometimes guys just want to get the arguement over as soon as possible so they can get in your pants. Which is not a bad thing. Though usually guys are smooth about it, at least mine is. So ydi for having a stupid bf. As far as loving him and vis versa, don't pressure people, especially guys.

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bahahahahaha!!!! i remember one morning, i was mad at my boyfriend and he turned me around and took off my shorts, got ontop of me and kissed me and fucked;).. of course i gave in!!! hes fucking hot and yeah we talked about it after and everything was better:) sex can fix things:)

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Make up sex! :)
Sounds like he should have cleared it with you first. This song came to mind:

Is more than saying sorry
Means accepting peoples flaws

To forgive is devine
So lets have a glass of wine
And have *make up sex*
until the end of time, time, time..

Does not mean compromising
Lets forgive and forget
And solve this african debt
Just like the chesire cat
Who says
'Meow, your running out of time time time time time time, MEOW'


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seriously don't ask a guy that he won't answer he'll tell you he loves you when he wants to and hey sometimes a guy just wants sex not saying he just wants you for sex but it's human nature who cares I mean if he really loves you he'll show it and for everybody here saying dump him or do something to him seriously that's just stupid it's not that big of a deal