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By anon - 19/01/2015 05:35 - United States - Burleson

Today, my crush was giving me a ride home. As we pulled up to my house, he looked into my eyes with a sweet smile and said the words every girl wants to hear: "Do you give head?" FML
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That's when you say yes and headbutt him.

Yeesh. Sorry that happened to you. I hope you decided he's not worth your time.


Some guys take a while to break in, don't think about it too much, OP

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Can you elaborate, #1? I'm honestly not sure what you mean.

Like when someone asks for head, they really mean to give them head until they open up to you. Actually, that's a lie. Dome is dome is dome is dome is dome.

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I'm a guy and I dont even know what the hell they're saying...

my first thoughts to that were....UH WHAT?!

I think he is saying it can take a while for guys to "get trained."

This reminds me of that banned Master Card commercial...

This guy apparently didn't bother investing im the wine ans sweet talk, though.

Classy. Sorry you had to hear that, a lot of guys only have one thing on their mind's, and it's not always Spongebob :)

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Common misconception about guys...we have at least 2 things in our mind

I can sometimes get to 4 things on my mind. Pretty rare, though.

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Bone? You're into some dark shit buddy....

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I have other things on my mind besides sex. Like food. But that's about it, sex and food

From what I understand about men it's sex, food, sleep, & sometimes (depending on the guy) gaming.

That's when you say yes and headbutt him.

Or not because that would be assault. You could, however, just get out of his car and not talk to him ever again...

#61, humour isn't your strongest quality, is it?

#4, on behalf of all guys I'd like to express our appreciation that you're trying to convince girls to headbutt us. Thanks. And ouch.

The head but would probably hurt her more then him. Head buts hurt both parties and generally speaking guys have a higher pain tolerance. Though not always.

Yeesh. Sorry that happened to you. I hope you decided he's not worth your time.

What's the difference between a girl who loves oral and a clumsy circumcision? The girl GIVES head.