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Today, I learned that my roommate doesn't actually know a damn thing about cooking. I'm suffering the effects of him telling me that chicken is best eaten medium-rare. FML
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Did you know, a temp of 165 or higher is best for poultry... Oh and cook for your self he isn't your mother.

I bet they also tell you that it's okay to eat mushrooms from your backyard.


Did you know, a temp of 165 or higher is best for poultry... Oh and cook for your self he isn't your mother.

Fffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk.... Your*

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Well when you live with a roommate you're supposed to share cooking responsibilities, teach his/her ass to cook OP.

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Seems like OP isn't that much of a cook either, seeing how he himself didn't know you should never eat chicken medium-rare.

sometimes roommates cook and share the food with the other. I have before. Doesn't mean he doesn't cook for himself. However, who would believe you can eat bleeding chicken?

Idiot the minimum internal temp for poultry is 180F to 185F

Oh 59 I'm so sorry for you. I know living each day is an enormous chore, keep up the hard work buddy. No go run and play while the adults have grown up time.

I have worked in a kitchen for years and if you cut the chicken open when it's 165F there will Still be pink in the middle hence why it needs to be at least 180F minimum 185F preferred. What people don't understand is that beef and poultry have two very different internal temps beef 165F if its not groumd up in to hamburger and chicken is always 180F or higher

Pardon me, but it suposed to be 165F according to the ServeSafe Guide... If you cook it 'till 180-185F I think you are over-cooking it ;) just saying

I also work in a kitchen, in my own restaurant, and chickens internal temp has to be minimum 165 degrees, by OSHA standards though it can be higher such as 185 degrees but that is more acceptable for a whole chicken instead of a chicken breast or fillet. Oh, and I went to four years of culinary school and interned for an additional 2 years. So please don't correct me. I am finished this discussion.

Ok I stand corrected I got the breast and whole chicken mixed up my apologies

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More like get a brain. What person over ten does not realize partially raw chicken can make you very sick if not kill you. Ydi to op for being beyond dumb.

^ Why does he get so many thumbs up? It's the roommate that screwed up, not OP.

I bet they also tell you that it's okay to eat mushrooms from your backyard.

3-The psilocybin type are so magical, though. I ate some mushrooms from my backyard once with Gandalf and Dumbeldore. What a great experience, but I realized that one does not simply trip into Mordor.

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WHAT!!! How come no one told me this before now????

Cook for yourself in future. And him. It's worrying if he keeps cooking to himself.

So if your the iron chef of America just cook yourself and stop bitching about your roomate's cooking

Because not wanting to get food poisoning is trying to be the next iron chef. Asshole

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5 *you're, and how is Op supposed to, cook themselfs? Lol.

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5 - YOU'RE not just an asshole...YOU'RE a stupid asshole!

35, themselves*. Learn this shit yourself before you correct others.

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The one time autocorrect would of saved me pff, well that's what I get for fml'ing at work. Oh well, looks like you got me 43... This time.

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43, how about you learn before you correct other people asshole.

Yum, the taste of salmonella in the morning....

*initiating sarcasm font*But it's chicken not salmon!

In the future use the Sarc Mark or use before the phrase and at the end of the sarcastic phrase

"Mmm salmonella. It's my favorite type of fish."

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And I'm sure that green stuff on the cheese is just fine.

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Your picture made me laugh..

I'm confused why that works for steak but not chicken...if you're old enough to have a roommate though, you should definitely be old enough to know chicken needs to be fully cooked :p

Because chicken carries e coli... So you have to cook it all the way through to kill bacteria steak does not, though it can be contaminated, that's why you have to only ( if you wish) cook the out side. Hamburger doesn't carry it either but, due to it being ground up and mixed the contamination now is through out the raw burger, this resulting in having to cook the entire burger.

Ooh thanks for not just being a dick and actually explaining it haha. I understand now

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14 - You're explanation is all good except for the type of pathogen involved. Chicken carries salmonella not e. coli.

45- Oh, my apologies, though there have been cases where e coli has also been found in chicken, but thank you for your candor.