By kenleybunch - 12/03/2013 13:22 - United States - Greenville

Today, I invited my long-lost best friend over, because I haven't seen her much since she got a new boyfriend. 20 minutes into hanging out, he showed up at my door. He still hasn't left, and they're having sex on my couch right now. FML
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Wow, I don't understand how people can be such rude idiots


hanymandy 6

I do not get the joke. I might be dumb, I don't care, but please, can someone explain?

It's a reference to an FML from yesturday.. Feel free to look back a few..

Yeah, I just saw it a minute ago :P But thank you anyways :)

Why did #18 get thumbed down? (and I guess I'm next for asking that question)

103 - Simply because he commented something that added no meaning to the conversation when a simple up-vote would have sufficed.

I think that's a bad reason to vote someone down. Unless it's something stupid, short AND meaningless like "Omg" or just "lol"

Wow, I don't understand how people can be such rude idiots

egc573 40

Wow, I don't understand how someone like the OP can be such a doormat. OP, instead of posting on FML, I suggest you grow a spine and kick their asses out. Or were you going to wait for them to finish, too?

damn_homie 2

That is rude as hell. You need to develop a backbone. Don't let that happen on your couch.

RedPillSucks 31

Give OP a break. It's someone she hasn't seen in a long time.

Honestly, I think that makes it worse. If I haven't seen someone in a long time, and they decide to invite their boyfriend over to have sex on my couch, I'd make sure I didn't see them for even longer!

Long lost friend because of a new boyfriend. Sounds contradictory.

If I had an old friend who acted like that, she wouldn't be my friend anymore after that! That's just rude!

Neat, downvoted despite making sense. What a great pool.

#102: Quit your bitching and walk it off.

maybe OP is wondering whether she could join in。。

just go sit down there with them and make them feel awkward..

Better yet, pour cold water over them and tell them both to get out. Then find yourself some new friends!

totally agree with ambitiousnygrl.. douchebags!

kishorekumar_a 10

Let your dog jump on the couch and fart...

Get a camera and record them with a creepy smile.. Have your hand in pocket doing whatever.. Make sure to mutter some stuff and moan a little..

isabella42 9

Or call a bunch of people over, and at the last minute jump out and yell "surprise"!

ninjajoehenes48 8

#19 nice reference to another fml. But does op have a dog? That's the question. Lol

Sounds like she's a still lost best friend. Sorry OP.

Throw them out or join them, but by joining them you can spend more time with your friend.

kman8599 8

But don't forget to hit record first!

Jacksparrow72 21

Get a bucket of cold water and pour it on them. That'll make sure they leave.

But that'd ruin the couch..... but then again it's already been defiled...

unixdude 9

Do you still have time to set up a video feed? There's money to be made off your horndog friend.

obviousboy 8

Might as well pop some popcorn.

jarockstar27 10

I agree, might as well watch! Make them feel uncomfortable! And get free ****...