By kenleybunch - United States - Greenville
  Today, I invited my long-lost best friend over, because I haven't seen her much since she got a new boyfriend. 20 minutes into hanging out, he showed up at my door. He still hasn't left, and they're having sex on my couch right now. FML
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  Fsvb  |  32

I think that's a bad reason to vote someone down. Unless it's something stupid, short AND meaningless like "Omg" or just "lol"

  egc573  |  40

Wow, I don't understand how someone like the OP can be such a doormat. OP, instead of posting on FML, I suggest you grow a spine and kick their asses out. Or were you going to wait for them to finish, too?

  Ameel_fml  |  19

Honestly, I think that makes it worse. If I haven't seen someone in a long time, and they decide to invite their boyfriend over to have sex on my couch, I'd make sure I didn't see them for even longer!