By socialdisease - 22/08/2011 15:58 - United States

Today, my house got egged. Why? As a joke, my friend bought me a doormat that says, "A Canadian Lives Here." I'm Canadian. FML
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eminemchick 19

What?! But you guys have nice bacon!

What the hell! Canadians rule!


gaga_fierce 0

Racist fools.

Them jealous sob's

What's wrong with being Canadian?

Ugh, those Canadians. Their complete lack of purpose of ecistance annoys my brain to the very center.

Excuse me we're you dissing Canada? I couldn't hear you over my free healthcare.

pattyrick4321 0

tracy, everything is wrong with being canadian

You've got that maple cyrup. Nuff said.

eminemchick 19

What?! But you guys have nice bacon!

You forgot our Maple syrup also.

you couldnt hear him over your free health care because your ear infection never wasn't treated right. come to America and they might be able to fix it. OP at least they didnt throw shit. Thats what happened when my friend put a door mat that said i was from Brittan

pattyrick4321 0

you deserve it for being canadian

You deserve to be egged for being a stupid ****

Canadians are the shit. I am Canadian and proud of it. (and our health benefits). It's you people that corrupt this planet (and live in mc donalds)

3- you actually deserve to be "tomatoed"

I'm Canadian as well. Sucks man. I hate getting egged. FYL

next time, club them in the head with a beseball bat then say "well, if you were Canadian, you wouldn't have to pay for your medical bill!!"

What the hell! Canadians rule!

I'd just like to point out that this fml proves that Canadians don't have a sense of humor.

SupahAsian 4

And to what point would you consider it not funny? Getting their house burned down?

Yes egging does no permanent damage, I would just scream at my friend until they cleaned it up for me. And as for the door mat one could take it as an insult even though it is simply stating a fact or they could embrace it as a funny little thing to start conversations and whatnot. I'm not trying to be a biggot I might poke a little fun at other people and I am fully prepared to take some making fun of too

Ahlph 0


that's what you get for lying about your bacon! It's just HAM!!!!

But it's good ham

I love Canada :)

sephoraprincess 7

well why'd they need to egg you?

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Amazing! People thing we say aboot...we don't! Lol eh?