By Alyce - 5/12/2020 23:02 - United States - Lewistown

Best of both worlds

Today, I was finally diagnosed with insomnia. The trouble is, because of my physical disability, I also have diagnosed chronic fatigue. Barely can stay awake during the day, can't sleep at night. FML
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By  Charlie Given  |  23

some people's internal clocks are set backwards they get tired during the day and want to be up at night instead of trying to fight it sleep during the day and be a night owl 🦉

By  Shaunna Burtle  |  2

I have a diagnosis of hypersomnia. excessive daytime sleepiness. its awful. for a long time, because of the constant napping, I couldn't sleep at night. I was taking a very delicate balance of stimulants in the morning and sleep aids. finally got off the sleep aids but still need the stimulants or I end up back in that awful cycle