By sanoria51 - 26/04/2013 23:58 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I had to explain to my friend that the hot girl he's been sending nudes to and cybering with for the past month is probably a bored, fat-as-fuck, balding male living in his mum's basement. The look on his face after I proved that "her" pictures were fake broke my heart. FML
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Well you did the right thing to tell your friend. There's a lot of "catfish" out there.

Ah, the Internet. Where the men are men and the hot women are also men.


Well you did the right thing to tell your friend. There's a lot of "catfish" out there.

People just have to really careful.

She had the "Myspace Angles"

this was on Dr.Phil 2 days ago!!!

Oh man I remember that! XD

iLike2Teabag 27

Yup. Just ask now 2nd round pick Manti Te'o.

How on earth is this an FML? maybe you just wanted us folks on the internet (whoever we are) to laugh at him like you probably did... FHL. And while I'm at it, I confess I'm not actually a teddy bear.

He'll thank you in the long run, after he finds the real deal. Good for you for being a good friend.

Perhaps OP is also interested in the guy

Damian95 16

Or perhaps he was just lookin out for a bro like guys do?

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*theme song from The Golden Girls plays in head*

oh yes, a great friend, even posted the tale on the internet so we could all laugh about it. FHL for sure, but in no way FYL.

It's better you did it now than him finding out on his own a year later, which would have been worse. Sorry you had to be the bearer of bad news OP:( and sorry to your friend, that sucks!

Trust me, you saved him a lot of grief later on. I know it's tough now thinking about it but you saved him trouble in the long run. You did the right thing :)

"today, I found out that my internet girlfriend is a fake. Not only that, the friend who proved her pictures weren't genuine (and joked about how she's probably a 'fat-as-**** balding' guy) even posted the embarrassing story online. FML"

The internet is anonymous...I don't get how people are so oblivious

On the internet, no one knows I'm made out of cups.

AWw, poor fella, hopefully he'll find a real person.

Inciter 33

Not everyone on the internet is fake. OP's friend just had some bad luck there. Don't feel bad about telling him! You just saved him from potential heart break.

Unless spambots are moments from beginning the AI uprising, it was a "real" person. Just not a real female.

Hope he finds someone real!

Ah, the Internet. Where the men are men and the hot women are also men.

Actually, I'm an extraterrestrial who pretends to be human. Does that still count?

I'm a liuon usibng my masdters iPhoine. I findf it quyite annmoying thast I don't habve accesds to a latrger keyboerd, as I keerp hittying the wrionhg kerys.

Not me. I'm a woman... Or I might be a man... Or a mouse.

On the internet, men are men, women are men, and children are FBI agents.

I'm neither a woman nor a man, I'm a unicorn !

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Everyone should know that the women on the Internet are really men. The real women are in the kitchen, duh.

On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog. No one.

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Don't discredit yourself, OP. Sometimes you gotta amputate an extremity to spare a limb :)

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It seems to be happening more and more... Why can't people just be themselves? It's amazing how far you can get in life by not pretending to be somebody else...

Sometimes people are just that insecure about their looks, so they pretend to be someone else to feel loved.

NickaPLZ 26

This is true.

So true 11. Reminds me of that one Catfish episode where this one girl found out that the "guy" she was dating for a year or so was actually a girl. It's so crazy how people think that it's okay to pretend to be someone else over the internet. Don't they plan on meeting in real life at some point?