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Today, I had to admit that I hate the wedding dress that I've designed. My wedding is in a week. FML
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Rddvl 11

Maybe just buy another one you like at one of those dress shops last minute?? It's your wedding OP, make it memorable.


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Noone to blame but urself sorry to say

I definitely pity you, but why didn't you speak up earlier?

Try eBay for a nice second hand dress?

kiran_fml 5

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TheElderTROLLZ 15

Who said she chose it late? She could have made it a while back.

She designed it ahead of time, she found out she didn't like her dress one week BEFORE her wedding. I think you may have impaired vision, therefore, you shall get a pair of glasses! Or consider reading the FML again.

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You're* You should know the correct grammar if you're going to go around calling people dumbasses.

peachesncreem 21

Is it just me or is there a trend happening? Go through some of the previous FMLs and you'll see people like #3 calling people dumbasses when they themselves can't even use the correct *you're. I know this isn't an English class but seriously people! I guess it takes a dumbass to know a dumbass :)

Could you please explain to me HOW OP is a dumbass? She designed the dress, true, but it's very unlikely that she MADE the dress - you don't know how long she's known that the final product wasn't to her liking- there's a good chance she JUST went for her final fitting. I'm honestly trying to see it from your perspective, but it's just not coming to me-care to enlighten me?

LoveMay 10

3- It takes one to know one.

Since when did fml become english class? Seriously people why does it matter? I misspelled a word omg i must be ******* retarded. Ftw and all you grammar nazis

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Just like on that other fml you ****** enabler.

Rddvl 11

Maybe just buy another one you like at one of those dress shops last minute?? It's your wedding OP, make it memorable.

I agree, sometimes a person may not like what they have (OP's problem) but they look good with it on.

94yhy 8

I'm sure someone with a bad wedding dress is more memorable than good ones — it's unique.

You've obviously never gotten married. Haha. Verrrrry few women will fit well into a dress that they buy off the rack. Alterations wouldn't get done within a week.

I don't really see how you could hate it seeing as you're the one who created it...

Does that saying also apply to children you've made?

I've thought of SO many things that, in my mind, are AMAZING- but when reality rolls around, I realize that there's a reason I don't create things. haven't you ever had moments like that?

baileygirl88 8

Could be pre wedding jitters!! Don't second guess yourself...I'm sure you will look great.

littlemsweirdo 12

It's your goddamn wedding. It's your once in a lifetime chance. Why?! Don't ruin it just to save face!

In this day and age, it's not a one in a lifetime chance.

30, did you put yourself on urban dictionary? Because I know somebody who did that, embarrassing for him!

YDI for being such an indecisive bitch. At least you have the luxury of making a custom dress some people don't have a dress at all on their wedding day.

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Trisha_aus 15

People stress way too much about the wedding..perfect dress..perfect shoes..perfect everything blah blah blah..the life after the wedding is far more important..just try to smile on your wedding day that's enough :)

littlemsweirdo 12

Exactly! OP probably is just so overwhelmed. It's just pre wedding worries, don't worry!