By Doesn't Matter Had Sex - 09/09/2015 02:37 - United States - Lake Saint Louis

Today, I had sex with this guy. His dad came upstairs and poked his head through the door right after we had finished, but were still naked in bed. All he said was, "No twins," and walked off. FML
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cooltatgar 31

"Don't worry sir ... triplets it is"

Swandive235 27

At least he walked off, could have been a lot worse.


Seems fair enough.

The perk of it bring his son and not daughter...if it was his daughter a gun probably would have pulled. Dad's are proud of their sons for getting some as long as there's no babies

sadly true. but I wish my dad responded like this instead of screaming and referring to any of his number of rifles. this is the world we live in though.

Thankfully my Dad is OK with the fact I'm an adult who is allowed to be in control of her own sex life.

cooltatgar 31

"Don't worry sir ... triplets it is"

I was just about to comment this.

I wonder how many of these FMLs we wouldn't have if people could just lock the damn door.

Are locks on bedroom doors common in the USA? They're definitely not standard in the UK.

A lot of interior doors here have a turning lock, but can easily be unlocked from the opposite side using a coin. Interior doors with keys (pretty well the only way to make sure someone can't open it) are only common in really old houses.


dca101 23

Hey at least he seemed chill with it.

Well things could have been worse.

Doesn't matter, had… Oh.

Swandive235 27

At least he walked off, could have been a lot worse.

soldier084 11

he couldve high fived his son


At least he didn't say get the **** out

You got off easy, my dad would've slapped me on the spot

It wasn't OP's dad though. Would've been a completely different FML if the guy's dad slapped her :/

This is why it is always better to do it in a room with a lock, and/or when parents are not home.