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Today, I had to patiently listen as a customer nattered on and on about how incompetent I was for not stocking the movie she was looking for. It took nearly 20 minutes to get her to calm down long enough for me to explain that there is no such movie as "Hobbits With Shotguns". FML
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  rattusrattus  |  18

@19: To win an Oscar, it would have to have either a brilliant soundtrack, or give the eyepatch hobbit a tragic background involving a puppy, a lost love, a bottle of Jack Daniels, and an anti-tank rifle.


Erm, my mistake. Hobo with a Shotgun*

Its actually a really good film. Its about a hobo vigilante. He kills a pedo santa while he's masturbating in his car by a park. Its a fucking epic film.

  SaturnV  |  25

12 - the actual movie title is indeed "Hobos With Shotguns". Almost certainly what the customer was thinking of but had the title wrong.

  mikeduse  |  0

Are you a bit slow? Obviously there is no movie called hobbits with shotguns and obviously the people saying it were joking, I just can't believe you fell for it, nice grammar by the way too..

  ryokutheman  |  0

Wrong, it's "Hobo with a shotgun" singular, not plural. It's very gruesome actually, so I wouldn't recommend watching it if you have a weak stomach.