By Anonymous - 5/3/2021 15:30 - United States - Alachua

Purr Evil

Today, I was awakened at 5:30 a.m. Did my dog need to go out? No. Did my alarm go off? No. My neighbor's asshole cat was on my window AC, scratching at my window, before pissing on the AC and jumping off. If I turn it on, my bedroom will reek of cat piss. The high today will be near 90. FML
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By  Warp1978  |  12

Our neighbours have that problem, he had to build a cage around the ac unit to stop it in the end. It hasn't stopped the cat from pissing allover the cage though😄

By  xxlk4xx  |  5

I once had a random cat piss on the window of my then basement apartment, the windo was opened and I could never get rid of the smell, I love cats but they are also assholes

  Vesi  |  25

Guarantee that was a stray/feral un-fixed male. They spray to mark territory and it's quite a bit stronger than normal urine. Unfortunately, ALL animals do this. not just cats. It's their biological programming.