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Today, after the doctor poking around my urethra and vagina at a lump, she turns to me and says, "I'm going to be honest, I have no idea what that is. Have some antibiotics and we'll see how it goes in two weeks." Excuse me while I go panic in a corner. FML
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OP here, wow didn't expect it to make it on here ? Well so far no change, she even asked me are you sure it's not part of you, like how often does anybody know themselves there. What? I know myself very well there and it's not normal. Got an appointment with the gyno for next week so should be all good :) thought it was suspicious I got an appointment within half hour of ringing...

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leogachi 15

Go see another doctor. While doctors can't know everything, it was still really stupid of her to tell you to just take antibiotics for a few weeks and "see how it goes".

Shartie 16

Do you often get a lump in there?


Shartie 16

Do you often get a lump in there?

leogachi 15

Go see another doctor. While doctors can't know everything, it was still really stupid of her to tell you to just take antibiotics for a few weeks and "see how it goes".

Not stupid - logical. If this particular growth is different to usual dangerous ones it could be anything. A fortnight on antibiotics could rule out a multitude of issues - if it doesn't, it will lead to a more accurate diagnosis.

Not necessarily. Same happened to me a few weeks ago with a breast lump. My doctor did the same thing to see if antibiotics would clear it up (a weeks worth) before moving on to more expensive procedures. However she did give me the option to jump ahead anyway if I so chose to do so, but I trust my doctors knowledge. The antibiotics cleared my lump up within a week.

dont want to be rude here but it could be a form of a sti or std guys who have herpes have warts on their genital but could be anything take care hope you get better

But those warts would be easy to identify, and only require a single test for herpes. So the doctor would have already done that if she thought it was a possibility.

You're doctor is an idiot. Prescribing antibiotics without first establishing whether you suffer from a bacterial infection. This is why antibiotic resistance is on the rise...

Antibiotic resistance is on the rise because idiots don't finish the full course like they are supposed to leaving the illness to develop a resistance to that antibiotic.

actually it's on the rise mostly because live stalk. and I imagine you won't stop eating your ******* cows and pigs so why bother bitching about a doctor on the Internet. animals used for meat pretty much always get treated with antibiotics because it helps keep away infection. then at a certain time period before slaughter they can not be feed any to avoid antibiotic allergic reactions to the meat. this keeps the drugs our of our system but greatly impacts the amount of antibiotic resistant bacteria in the world. there are way more antibiotics used on animals than people. know your facts before spouting ridiculous shit

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And humans are naturally what I like to refer to as "omnivorous".

How do you spot a vegetarian in a crowd?

Ok I'm about to propose some crazy shit: There are multiple reasons why there are more and more antibiotic resistant strains of things now. And if you ask any medical professional they will cheerfully tell you it's because dumbasses stop taking their 2 week course of antibiotics 3 days in because they feel better. And maybe livestock antibiotics does contribute some but I highly doubt it's the main cause of the new strains. You should probably stop eating ******* animals and at least cook them first; it might save you antibiotics use in the future.

We doctors usually do that. Be it cancer, it would require time (in years mostly) to grow to metastize. 2 weeks on the other hand for antibiotic therapy is both diagnostic and a treatment in a way. Hell, if it doesn't settle in 2 weeks we would know it ain't infection.

ProximityToDeath 20

Well that will do absolutely nothing. If she didn't know what it was, she should have consulted another professional, not just screwed with your body.

How was her body screwed with? The antibiotics will eliminate potential issues - allowing for a more accurate diagnosis.

If antibiotics did absolutely nothing then doctors wouldn't prescribe them...

I would most definitely go see another doctor.

go get another opinion. it's very important, even if it's nothing, it's important for your piece of mind

Second opinion would be a good idea. She handle the situation poorly but bacterial cysts in that area aren't exactly uncommon, especially if it is also in the urethral area. It sounds like a UTI that got very bad, but unless you wanted her to do a biopsy, there isn't much else she can do other than the antibiotics.

Goblin182 26

She is just saying what every other doctor thinks when they examine a patient.

Go to a different doctor. It might be nothing too serious, but it's better to make sure.

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Yes, because antibiotics fixes everything. (That's sarcasm btw) I would listen to what everyone is saying and get a second opinion. Wouldn't hurt to get another one and hopefully a correct one

They don't fix everything but they do fix many things. If they do fix it, fine, if they don't, then that narrows down the possible things it could be. Would you rather have a doctor run a full battery of expensive tests just to find out you can cure it simply with antibiotics?

coolbeans26 12

It is ALWAYS better to let ur body fight things on its own if it is able. Antibiotics shouldn't be an automatic "well let's try this" so many people r growing immune to them n need stronger n stronger ones. Those r the people that will eventually die of a cold

So 60 if you possibly had something like cancer but no concrete diagnoses, you'd rather wait to see if your body fights it off on its own than take antibiotics and have a better/faster way to know what it is?

#60 you're correct on a certain level. if we just leave people to "fight it off" then they die well before they've gotten the chance to die of a cold. the risks don't outweigh the benefits. especially in a case where they don't know what the issue is. for all they know that lump could have been caused by a flesh eating bacteria or some other crazy thing. obviously don't go to a doctor for antibiotics your first day of the flu (you people who do that shit drive me insane) but don't just assume a person will get better because of their own body strength. that's ignorance and shouldn't be tolerated.

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I'd definitely get a second opinion.