By vintage_vogue - 17/06/2009 04:52 - United States

Today, I had a coffee date. The guy was waiting with coffee to meet me on the patio. I walked up to him, caught my favorite pendant necklace on the table, broke the necklace trying to get it free, and rattled the table so intensely that the guy's coffee spilled all over him. FML
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Unless you were at a lower level than the table or the pendant was on a long ass necklace there is no way you could have caught it on the table just by walking past it. Unless you walk with as hunch or something in which case you have worse problems than just this.

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It might have happened too fast for him to try and help.


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sounds like things r going along well

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if you would have stayed in the kitchen like a good female, this wouldn't have ever happened. ;)

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If he was a nicer guy, he wouldve helped you get the necklace outt. he deserves to have coffee spilled on him. yeeeeeh. [;

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It might have happened too fast for him to try and help.

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#2 I didn't think of that but your absolutely correct lol

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Maybe it was a nice way to break the ice?

Oh well, laugh about it. If you can laugh at yourself you will never feel ashamed (:

Confused! After walking up to him, you stepped on the table and caught your necklace???

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yeah but at the end of those they end up together....

Well I hope only the chain was broken, and he wasn't burned! In the future it might be easier to unlatch the chain and take it off first.