By wowjuststop - United States
Today, I got offered a ride to go home for the weekend. I go to college six hours away from home and haven't seen my family for almost two months. When I called my mom with the good news, she told me not to come. FML
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By  boredinjp  |  14

If you don't say why they told you not to come your statement means nothing - maybe they were away for some family celebration, and then it's absolutely nothing, or maybe they just didn't want to see you, and then it's FYL. More specifics! For now, maybe you should just STFU.


The purpose of the FML isn't to spin an elaborate tale of why the mother didn't want her to go back. If the OP feels like delving further into it, they'll come back and do so in the comments.

So you can STFU instead,

  jondivey  |  9

i agree it is important to tell people the context of the situation because op's mom could love him and given him a perfectly reasonable excuse maybe he is just being a whiney puss, but who knows

  Puolukka  |  4

Uhh...there is nothing wrong with calling your PARENTS out of the blue telling them you have an opportunity to come visit...I don't know what kind of parents you guys have, but I don't have to ask for permission to come see my parents. If I get there and they're gone then that's bad luck and sucks for me, but since I still have key for the house it wouldn't be too big of a problem. My parents are always happy to see me and if they don't have time for whatever reason they'll say so. But they'd never just tell me "We don't want you to come" o.O

By  dontgiveacrap  |  0

Because, you know, OP's Mom's life completely revolves around him, and she should be happy as hell to change plans at the last minute just for him. Besides, you know how these visits home work: OP comes home carrying a bag of laundry that he wants Mom to wash while he goes out and parties all weekend with his High School friends.
Grow the fuck up.

By  amatayo  |  0

maybe OP recieved the answer of why but the 300 word limit stop him from going deeper. or maybe he asked why but she gave no answer. but the bottum line is that he has been gone for two months and he got a cold don't come.

  Mr_Eated  |  0

"Cold"? We don't know that. And two months? C'mon, that's not that long. If all his mom said was "Don't come", yeah, that's pretty screwed up. But I'm guessing there is some reason....if nothing else, maybe she's having surgery - to permanently remove the umbilical cord.