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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Agreed with #1. That was the first thing I thought of. If they can afford a trip to France, they can afford a kennel. Maybe the real problem is OP doesn't have any money for the trip.

  jdub28  |  0

you don't need to put a cat in a kennel! it is a smart animal, just leave about a weeks worth of food and water out. the cat can pretty much take care of itself. or better yet give your neighbor $40 and a key to the house and have them check on the cat a few times while you are away.

  ReyEr9412  |  0

Today, my family went to France. Fuck Their Lives.

But seriously that is just a bullshit excuse because they didn't want the OP to go with them because they either don't like her company or it is too expensive.

  Mehness  |  0

To all of you sadistic weirdos: Killing the cat won't solve the problem... and just maybe the OP likes his/her cat? To 1: Agreed in the entirety.

  AnonymousGalifrey  |  1

I'd rather stay home the french are pussies and hate america

  phreshboi  |  1

you could just go with the cat, and yes you do deserve it for having a cat. just take the cat somewhere nice like catspace, the place where you launch it into space while ur on vacation. It's wayyyyyyy better than a cenal

  lizzy0131  |  0

Yes, why not drop off the cat to a neighbor or to the kennel? I have a hard time thinking this is real because if OP family can aford to go to France can't they spend an extra $50-$100 (or whatever it costs) to put cat in the kennel? But if this it real, FYL.

  catlady4eva  |  9

Yeah sure you deserve to have some shit happen to you for having a loving pet that I'm sure OP loves. If they deserve that for having a cat then everyone deserve shit happening to them because they have a dog or a bird. Fucking grow up

  Bro_Namath  |  0

I don't think you should, considering you killed your first cat. If OP is that dumb to actually stay home and "cat-sit", then I think he/she cares somewhat about the cat and wouldn't want your incapable ass taking care of it.

  perdix  |  29

jellybean, calm down, sweetie, I'm just making a joke. I'd never poison a cat.

I'd . . ., no, I was going to mention another way to "take care" of a cat, but I'm afraid jellybean might blow a gasket.

  DGross  |  8

The trick is to use enough voltage that it doesn't leave any marks... natural causes, right? jk

but seriously...owning a cat myself I would leave the cat with my uncle (who loves her) or just leave her with clean litter, ample food, and new water. Most of the time she loves to lay in the sun / watch stuff outside / hunt a mouse (if one gets in) / etc so they tend to keep themselves occupied rather well :-)

  mshafty  |  0

Whoa everyone needs to hold on here, she can't kill the Cat!! She would be the first suspect. What she needs to do is hire an independent contract killer to take care of this.

I don't know what the going rate for cats is, but I know a Chihuahua will cost you about $800 bucks, so work around that figure. Its a little pricey, but definitely worth a trip to France.

Good luck ;)

  o0XMzMayX0o  |  0

haha 64 lol really hire a hit man too funny.

OP- ur life sux but trow a huge party and have the time of ur life no parents no rules nothing!! see stuff on the bright side ;) and if ur old enough for no rules well go crazy and do something u would never do cuz ur family would kno!