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Today, my mother asked me how pasta is harvested. She actually thought it grew out of the ground. FML
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Well, the grain that pasta is made from goes in the ground.


*goes to google to get the actual answer* huh... I did not know that.

Yeah, pasta grows on trees, just like apples, pizza, money, and donuts. See? And I don't know why people call me dumb. I'm chalk full of knowledge.

What school teaches you how to cook pasta???

Maybe not, but it might give you enough knowledge and common sense to help you figure out that it doesn't come out of the ground.

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My school isn't a culinary art school but it does offer the program.

Noticing now I misread his question and answered it like a yes or no, I think my point still stands strong though!

We actually had a whole term on cooking pasta (including different sauces, etc.). Not a special cooking school or anything, just regular secondary school, about Year 8 I think. It was just part of Design Technology.

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My school teaches me how to make pasta....

Technically pasta does come out of the ground. Because it is made of grain and where does grain come from. The ground

Im gonna say dont get mad at her for not knowing the science of noodles. Cause i dont either

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You also don't know grammar, punctuation or spelling, either.

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In the 1940s the BBC released an April fools day joke saying spaghetti came from trees and thousands of people called in. If you don't know you don't know :D

I learned about this in 7th grade while we read, "War of the Worlds." The more you know.

Yes awesome video. One of the first video spoofs. Young Italian ladies in long flowing dresses harvesting what appeared to be cooked pasta from "pasta trees"

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This very famous hoax started April 1 hoaxes.

Yeah....but that was when spaghetti had only just started being imported and most people genuinely didn't know much about it. In 2015, in the UK, I don't see you could not know this. It's like not knowing where bread comes from.

Well, the grain that pasta is made from goes in the ground.

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Wait. So Beer is vegetable? AWW YISSS.

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All things that grow out of the ground, are vegetables, right? #33, I think we can count beer as a vegetable.

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#36 so if something that grows out of the ground is a vegetable, does that mean trees are a vegetable? If that's true then fruits grow on vegetables.

There was a science show that talked about that

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#44 there is a science show that talks about anything now, aome even tak about other science shows.

That's why I don't understand this post

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I mean, it kind of does. Some of the ingredients do..?

Wait, let's back up... are you telling me that my dream of becoming a pasta farmer is just a delusion!?

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No,I'm adult inch. Why do you ask?

Haha! Everyone knows they grow on trees.

Well I'm just going to quit watering that rotini bush, no wonder it hasn't produced.