By parentfail - 11/12/2010 14:44 - United Kingdom

Today, without even trying, I convinced my 17-year-old daughter that blueberries are just peas holding their breath. I have raised a complete airhead. FML
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Next you should try telling her that she can get pregnant from boys even touching her and are what happens. XD


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well actually u have a daughter that believes her mom is honest and smart and so she believes everything her mother says or she could just be Coo coo

um, i dont see how this indicates that she's a single parent...

wow #32 you are just a judgmental bitch.

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wow 93, youre the 93rd bitch (lol).

well us asians are just a bunch of Nerds.

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woah I didn't notice this before but 37 and 41 look very similar except 41 is way hotter no offense 37.

1 looks like he just had sex. lol. 101 - OMG so true :)

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1) 41 Is so sexy compared to 37 2) 1 looks like he had sex then got gas (no offense) 3) 101 Dan... you're 102...

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16, your picture is so ******* adorable it makes me uncontrollably happy. that is all.

OR, your daughter just went along with it to tell her friends that you're a really dumb mom

#1 no where did op say that she is single. U ignorant idiot!

there's nothing wrong with being a single parent. what if the father walked out? it would hardly be the mother's fault

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#94 ROFLMFAO :)))) But seriously OP, look at the bright side! your daughter respects you so much that she believes everything you

OP's daughter was probably only like that because OP keeps telling her things like that.

it never said that she was a single parent, ******* idiot.

Next you should try telling her that she can get pregnant from boys even touching her and are what happens. XD

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That's what my mom told me! Haha. :)

but it's true! that's why I don't touch anyone but myself. mhmm.

Yup and with a saughter that believes her mom that far ,you'll feel more secure that she wont get a baby till she is at a proper age xD

if she's gorgeous&that gullible your screwed!well,not so much you...oh dear

Nice way of saying that if your unattractive and stupid you have no chance in life... -_-

Wait, that is not very nice coming from a parent.

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that's true.I'd never say that about my kids

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Unless they were complete idiots...

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all kids are special some more then others lol

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Truth hurts; at least this parent can acknowledge it.

We have too many parents who think their child is the light of the world and do no wrong. Glad this parent sees reality.

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eh i dont see how thats not nice. my mom calls me an airhead and a retard all the time

that's pretty sad. is she blond Lmfao. and I agree I hope she's drop dead gorgeous lol

even trying to i couldn't convince my 8 year olds of that :/

Lol where do you even come up with a lie like that, its pretty clever if you ask me.

Some people aren't as smart as others. However, she might not have been paying complete attention and/or just going along with it so that you wouldn't try harder.

Yea, there's not sufficient information. Also, Hi Cinn!

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Have a told you how much your comment annoy me! Well, your comments annoy me.

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your comments annoy me. your pic also annoy me. you just look like an annoying person.

Haters gonna hate, yo. Cin is the only INTELLIGENT person on this website. Give her credit.

ieatdeadcats - Not nearly as much as that one comment annoyed me. You do realise there are mistakes in it, right?

Or we can laugh and assume that she is a complete airhead. isn't that the point of the site?

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145- The only person's profile on here I decided to read, and it was yours. Damn you, and damn the game! :)

145 - No, she is not the ONLY intelligent person on here, though she is one of the MORE intelligent. Hater - If you don't like Cinn's comments, kindly don't read them. Cinn - Once again, knocked 'em down with logic. Well done!

QuixiticMcGee - It is if you want it to be; each to their own. Steph - All totally true, however the "don't read 'em" response tends not to go down too well. But it is valid.

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