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By  KaidensCrow  |  18

it doesn't matter how long sex lasts... in fact it can be incredibly painful if it lasts for a very long time. just keep practicing op. work on your technique and you can give her the best sex she's ever had or will have. :)

  Mauskau  |  35

When you've been with people that barely last 30 seconds no matter how frequently you do it, it gets frustrating. They finish and we don't, and often people can lose all interest once they've finished so they don't even bother trying to finish you. Might as well just do it myself, as it wasn't long enough to get any pleasure from it.

  KaidensCrow  |  18

Lol I said to work on technique.. it can be incredibly pleasurable and last for a short time. your right it doesn't matter how frequent it is but the only way to get better is practice. and neither op or his girlfriend said he doesn't help finish her, just that he doesn't last long. now if he just leaves her hanging then that's incredibly inconsiderate. but no one ever said he does