By Rman - / Monday 2 November 2009 22:35 / United States
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WTF OP!!! I would smother you in your sleep if I were your old man, which he's probably going to do after you move back in. If I were you, I'd get real good at playing possum!

By  amagaeru  |  0

And that's why you always double, triple and quadruple check when you do important stuff like drop classes. Especially when the form is online, because online forms are often poorly designed and confusing.

YDI for not checking the form before hitting "Submit." And I'm tempted to say YDI for not applying yourself to your schoolwork in the first place, but... I'm kind of a slacker myself (though I've never had to drop a class). Also, I realize that school isn't for everybody (and that "college" does not automatically equal "intelligent" ).

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