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  Drigr  |  9

I work in a machine shop too. The thing is, you get so used to cuts from the metal and tools, that it makes things like cutting yourself on a soap dispenser seem way worse than it should.

  madeline9322  |  17

#45 they were making a connection very relevant to the FML at hand. Why do you need to criticize them for it? Because they posted a much more intelligent comment?

  CareFace  |  16

The grit soap I use at work had glass fragments in it... I sliced my hand "clean" open with it. Ignoring the blood, my hands were super clean. :D
/end life story.

By  accountforme  |  1

I can just imagine you in the hood when they ask, "where'd you get those scars?" And you reply, "the soap dispenser." They answer, "fu** yeah, you gangsta."