By amireallyloved - 17/02/2010 06:38 - United States

Today, I found out the reason my boyfriend asked me out was because the fortune ball app on his iPod told him to. FML
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unless the fortune ball is forcing him to stay with you i don't see the problem


spez86 0

haha that's great u were chosen by the effects of gravity lol

Spoozie 0

hahah, a fortune ball knows youu(: how awesome is that. and heyy, out of like 3 pa-jillion people, you were picked. that's pretty fricken amazing!!!:D

KurouTenshi 0

now thats my kind of guy >:D "do I want this girl to be my girlfriend? there's an app for that!"

unless the fortune ball is forcing him to stay with you i don't see the problem

he didnt ask it if he should go out with u, he prolly asked it if he would get laid if he did so but that does suck so FYL, but atleast u got a man

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This is the worse thing you could find to bitch about?

Thunderbender 2

She's probably just new at this whole bitching thing. Give her a few more weeks into the relationship and I'm sure she will have improved her bitching dramatically.

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Well, he wouldn't have asked if he didn't like you enough to consider it. Maybe he needed some kind of wierd confindence booster...? I dunno. (:

"Ask again later." "Damn. Maybe always means no."

I dated an app once. It was cool for a bit, but it became really complicated when I tried to get it drunk. It kept "shorting out" and then force closed on me... That still didn't stop me from sleeping with it, but still...


xundria 5

BSR. You are my hero for the day. Have a great day!

brave sir robin just had the biggest win I had ever seen. round of applause

Does your fortune ball app tell you to break up with him? ;D