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Today, I thought I'd be helpful and pick up my Dad's car from the repairs shop for him while he was at work. So, on my own, I hopped in my car and I drove the 15 minutes out to the shop. Only upon arriving did I consider the situation I'd put myself in. FML
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HMarchr tells us more.

Hello, OP here. Thanks to everyone who commented, even those who were less than courteous, but especially to those who weren't. What happened is that I, living at home while job hunting after graduating from college (with an engineering degree--I know, I had NO EXCUSE for this screw up! But I could tell#30 and #95 more than you care to know about motor oil and gasoline ) went to do a two-person job alone and left empty-handed. I never did mention it to my Dad. He'd never let me hear the end of it :-D Ironically, his Suburban could have towed my car, had he sprung for the towing package when he bought it, but alas, no. I didn't car-leapfrog because it was along the side of the highway and you're not supposed to run along there, and it was just more expedient to wait and get my Dad. I suppose I could have asked a friend to drive out and help me, but to anyone who suggests that, YDI too. #91, that sounds great, but I don't know of anyone in the area that offers that kind of service. #107, fifteen minutes driving is hardly the same as fifteen walking. I'll check back here some time soonish, see what other gems of wit, consolation, and mockery you folks leave me. Cheers, everyone!

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Nice job, genius.

Haha I once tried closing a car window from the outside, ahhh the power of being a dickhead


Nice job, genius.

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Try thinking before you act next time OP :)

RouletteRed 6

Honestly, how on earth could you not think of that unless you owned a tow truck. I can't say anything else, but you deserved it. However, on the bright side, you got 15 minutes more of driving practice. xD

ydi for not being able to drive 2 cars at once.

enonymous 8

I hope the Honda he's driving has a tow package and a hemi.

Ali_Br_fml 33

Or he could take like 30 minutes to get home... drive 1 car, park it, run out to the other, drive it park it, run back, drive the other... Etc... I see a ticket being given for this 1 if he doesn't find a legal spot, but it's a 15 minute drive home Yeah...good exercise... & he won't get teased for his stupidity once home with them... Though I see him locking both keys in one, and getting stuck there...

bfsd42 20

43, please lose your profile pic.

DWilliamson 7

I concur with 111. 43, you look like a massive tool 101, you look like, as 111 said, a wierdo. 111, ur cats cool My profile pic open to critisism

That's not a cat, dude. That's a husky which is a dog

Bulzye 2

Joke's been killed...

Haha I once tried closing a car window from the outside, ahhh the power of being a dickhead

Epsilonyx 15

I tried that one time when I was maybe 7 and got my hand stuck. D: My sobs were endless, man. Endless.

rallets 22

i once locked myself in my car, the keys were just outside

42 - Did you go all Family Guy on it? With the coat hangers and wire

45, I did that exact same thing once, only, I was on the outside and had my sister in the inside telling me what way to move the cost hanger. Not to mention the fact that the roof was down (convertible).

Seems that we have a lot of stupid people in this world. Haha

ShroomsOnAcid 16

It's not really up to stupidity. It happens to all of us one time or another.

You locked yourself IN your car? Why not just hit the unlock button haha

Jamicianprince 1

Well you got think things thur

You got take Inglish agen.

Damn grim, you beat me to it.

Jamicianprince 1

Fuck off

34, it's all yours next time :)

Jamicianprince 1

I am not American sorry for my bad grammar

Jamicianprince 1

Damn grammar nazis

Jamicianprince - English was invented in England, not the US. And last I saw, the official language of Jamaica is English. Where you're from is no excuse for poor grammar. Nor is it an excuse for MISSPELLING THE NAME OF YOUR COUNTRY.

Ok I didn't understand one thing you wrote there????

Bad grammar is when what you say does not obey basic laws of grammar. What you have posted does not even obey basic laws of sense. I'm sympathetic to people whose first language is not English, but whining about "grammar nazis" when your post honestly did not make sense just damages your legitimate excuse.

Jamesmc430 6

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You're not just a douchebag, you also cannot read.

You have to be a fourth-grader, too.

You have to be a fourth-grader, too.

You have to be a fourth-grader, too.

Okay, my editing time is over, so can I just say I have no idea how I posted that four times? The "um okay" was the only edit I could get in.

Also, I would like to further add that your picture is vile.

You have to be a fourth-grader , too.

torijeanne198705 4

Dude! Really number 5! I'm a female and not only do I work for CAR ins and know the in's and outs of a car, I also rebuilt a car and put in an intake system; put in a sub woofer and upgraded everything to make it a lot better on gas so let me tell you girls also can do what guys do any time on anything. I even play cod lol

_daniellesays_ 10

How can people make comments like this + expect people to not say something? Oh, by the way, look at OP's gender. dick.

Lol at number five. You sir, deserve ice cream.

you're an ass.

TabacoLover 3

Dude I could drive before I enrolled middle school and now race with a dirt bike suck on it dickhead -o sry i just insulted dickheads they r better than u

GIRL POWER! Ha, douche bag.

You sir, are a fail.

You are old enough to drive?

_daniellesays_ 10

This is the 2nd annoying comment in a row I've read by you + it tempts me to say something rude :(

... I didn't understand this one, maybe because I'm running on an hour of sleep. Anyone care to explain it to me, please?

i think they're saying that they drove to the shop to collect the other car...but obv can't drive 2 cars at once :)

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Just try doing the same thing and you'll get it.

He needed to bring another driver! How was he going to get his car now and pay for the repair.

OP drove to pick up the car but was screwed cuz he/she couldn't get both cars back at the same time

CoolChick2300 1

She can't drive two cars at once

For the record, I am a he. But no, I can't drive two cars at once. I'd love to learn that trick though!

Took me a few mins to get lol

knice26 0

He can't get his car home

Who said she can't

alannah1988 4

I love how some of us, including myself, assumed it was a she because something stupid was done.

ardencred 7

u must be OPs brother or sister whatever you are

CookieMonstr19 0

I actually assumed it was a girl cuz OP was doing something nice from his dad. Don't judge me :))

YourFaceII 0

He was alone and he had to drive 2 different cars. Hope this helped :)

Obey_StudBoii 23

I didn't assume it was a woman.

It's the thought that counts op!

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i'd just drive back and pretend nothing had ever happened... :P next time think before you act OP

the effort was totally there. better luck next time