By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, I experienced the old joke about recognising women by their shoes sticking out of the driver and passenger windows. It was my mother's shoes in my mother's car, but the guy happily plowing her on top of the hand-brake was not my dad. FML
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  QueenAfrodite  |  8

Lol dude it could be an open marriage. Dad could totally be aware lol. Time to stop being a child and understand that relationships have many different dynamics. Not everyone is in a monogamous marriage.

  DraftHail614  |  17

Ah yes. Finding an excuse to sleep around are we? Bud, it isn't childish to think that most relationships are like that. Also, you'd think that that'd be something to mention to OP. Want to have multiple partners? Cool. I mean polyamory is just a label to use so you have an excuse to have multiple partners without being called a hoe. But yes. I'm most definitely the child.