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  Funatparty  |  11

"Okay then prove I didn't"

"but I already did as well. Prove I didn't prove you didn't"

"what again? I just did. Prove I didn't prove you didn't prove I didn't"


Each block in the pyramid of khufu is 2.5 tons, and there’s like 1 million of them. The egyptians didn’t have pulleys, carts or work animals. In order to build said pyramid out of FUCKING BRICK THAT WEIGHS MORE THAN A CAR in 23 years, they would have to place a brick every 2.5 minutes

By  blakfencer  |  3

tell him that there are actually attendance logs for the pyramids. also ask him what color they were when they where built (white) then finally tell him he's an idiot

By  flammaefata  |  20

The burden of proof is on him to prove they did, not you to prove they didn't. Just like with religion - eg Christians have to prove God exists, it's not atheists' job to prove he doesn't.

  Lalala579121  |  27

19 - It is when it's people like 8 here and the person in the FML debating. They take all the fun and interesting conversation out of it and just say "you can't prove it, I win".

  gracehi  |  31

I knew there would be some jackass comparing religion to believing aliens built pyramids and such. It's not even remotely similar. Religion is a moral code and philosophy and, often, an explanation for all of existence, from the tangible to the intangible, often including an explanation for why we humans even have moral codes and philosophies. Pyramids are a single tangible phenomenon with a thousand more plausible explanations than aliens.

  flammaefata  |  20

#67, my comment simply pointed out where in OP's conversation the burden of proof lies. The argument regarding religion is (in my experience) the most well-known example for this. Sure, I could've used another made-up example (like the teapot in space) that probably wouldn't have caused you and others to take offense.

Regardless of who takes offense because of my example the point still stands that it's not OP's responsibility to prove aliens didn't build the pyramids, it's their colleagues responsibility to prove they did.

By  leafynitemare  |  24

Of all things to claim aliens have built...let's pick something that there's proof up the butt that humans built. Unless he believes in radioactive feline aliens...then maybe he has a leg to stand on.

By  HeatTransferFlow  |  12

The funny thing that nobody can explain is how could the pyramids have been so precisely built (it's been centuries and they're still fine) with things like having a window pointing towards the moon on specific dates, knowing that the wheel hasn't still been discovered at the time. Also, many ancient civilisations that couldn't communicate around the world (Mayans, Egyptians...) did the pyramids approximately at the same time, and with that same procedure we still can't understand and reproduce today. And they all represented those "gods descending from the sky" the same way.

  nightingale21  |  7

I talked to a guy once (or rather he ranted at me) about the pyramids. The gist of it was that God helped them build the pyramids and anyone that believes in aliens at all was an idiot.

  hellnosucka  |  27

As an architecture student, we've actually studied and looked at many of the possible theories. the most probable one being that they transported the building materials and huge stones by sledges that they rolled over a belt of sorts. they would then proceed to work from the inside of the pyramid. as they work higher up in the construction, they simultaneously built a spiral ramp on which they pull the construction material over. When the pyramid is finally built, the spiral ramp is deconstructed from the inside of the pyramid. Some evidence has been found on this not too long ago by the archeologist Jean-Pierre Houdin.