By Paco4242 - 13/06/2009 01:47 - United States

Today, I found out that my 'girlfriend', who I've been emailing with, was really my friend playing a prank on me. He asked me for naked pictures of myself and I sent them to him. FML
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.... Did you get any naked pictures of him? Because... that probably would have tipped ME off.

YDI for "dating" someone online, then sending naked pictures of yourself. Unless you want to have everybody you know possibly see the pictures, don't ever put them anywhere online. Also, find a real girlfriend. But your friend does suck for doing that.


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Ewwww. That's sick.

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Fail thats another reason why you should not talk with strangers or with pepole you done even know -.-.

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wow..haa ur friend must have had no life to do something like that

Hahaha sounds like . . . . a. he jerked off to your picture b. he's secretly in love with you c. he wants to suck on your peen d. he's a homosexual

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LOL @ #9 i agree on the first part

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How come you would send 'her' a picture of yourself nude before talking on the phone, webcamming, or meeting her in person? :/

Who emails that long without meeting?

I'm going to say it... YDI. Online dating is a no-no. Now, GET OUT THERE AND MEET WOMEN WHO ARE FO RIZZLE IN YOUR RIZZLE!

serious bro? god i fucking hate wiggers.

hahahaha, we did that to a guy for like 2 months and that was way the hell to long. We weren't gay enough to ask for nude pictures although he wanted them from us.

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