By dammit - Australia - Redbank
Today, I dropped my toothbrush. Because I have the spatial awareness of a mentally-retarded gnat, I hit my head against the sink as I bent down to get it. Then I did the same on the way back up, almost KO'ing myself. My boyfriend saw the whole thing and nearly pissed himself laughing. FML
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  niallo  |  23

Have to admit, I love OP. Mostly because of the way she wrote this. She has a great sense of humor.
But crap lady. Learn to look. We want you and your sense of humor to hang around.

  bibble27  |  9

Ya I'm sorry #8 I agree that he should have inquired if she was ok... But after laughing. And I'm sure he did. "Oh my God are you *laughs* ok..." That's what real friends do.