By dammit - 12/09/2015 08:11 - Australia - Redbank

Today, I dropped my toothbrush. Because I have the spatial awareness of a mentally-retarded gnat, I hit my head against the sink as I bent down to get it. Then I did the same on the way back up, almost KO'ing myself. My boyfriend saw the whole thing and nearly pissed himself laughing. FML
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No, FML, I would not like you to post to Facebook on my behalf.

conman531 23

Now THAT nearly made me piss myself from laughing #2

Wizardo 33


Look at Randy Orton slithering around...

That sucks, but you should probably be more careful next time.

On the other hand she seems to be very entertaining the way she is.

Have to admit, I love OP. Mostly because of the way she wrote this. She has a great sense of humor. But crap lady. Learn to look. We want you and your sense of humor to hang around.

We all have those days. Don't feel bad OP

Beyto7000 20

And the winner by knockout.. the kitchen sink!

im guessing its the bathroom sink but who knows, maybe it was in the kitchen.

Hey, at least you didn't actually get knocked out because of that.

Your boyfriend should've helped you out instead of laughing, FYL

honestly, it would have been really difficult trying not to laugh.

bibble27 9

Ya I'm sorry #8 I agree that he should have inquired if she was ok... But after laughing. And I'm sure he did. "Oh my God are you *laughs* ok..." That's what real friends do.

Hey, everybody! Look at goodie two shoes over here!

It could have been worse, you could have fell back into the toilet

msmedieval 11

Now that made me laugh out loud!

Don't worry OP, even if you lost a few brain cells, I have a feeling your boyfriend probably isn't with you for your smarts.