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Today, I realized how nice it was that, after moving into my ground-floor apartment, I no longer have to worry about being too loud walking on the floor at night. Today, I found out that my upstairs neighbors do not have any qualms about shouting or stomping their feet loudly at night, either. FML
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On the bright side, if you throw a party they can't complain about the noise!

RedPillSucks 31

Perhaps a nice civil discussion with them will solve this issue


On the bright side, if you throw a party they can't complain about the noise!

I disagree. We live on the third floor with two kids. My oldest is almost two and runs around a lot. Our neighbors below us blast their music and bang on their ceiling with a broom all the time. We've explained to them that we have kids and that it's pretty much impossible to keep them from running around. Our kids don't understand why they shouldn't run. Don't just assume because people are stomping or yelling it gives you the right to throw parties and be loud. Just ask them to keep it down and I they're assholes about it report it to management. If that doesn't work then I would say be assholes back.

Well this is a pretty out-of-this-world idea but how about you drop the entitlement complex just because you popped out a few kids, and be a ******* parent and teach them not to run in the apartment, and that they can run and be as obnoxious as you are at the park or something instead. You're the parent, just because your kids don't understand something doesn't magically make it okay for them to do. Damn.

sezual 15

You obviously don't have children. My son is around the same age and you can't just tell him not to run because he's too young to understand what you're saying. If you just stop him in his tracks, as soon as you put him down again he's off. It's not logical to carry a toddler around all day just for your neighbours. You just have to hope they'd be understanding. But I'd like to see you teach my 18 month old not to run, you'd have NO hope! Some things you just have to be patient with. With gentle persistence a child will eventually learn.

Shit, I'll just starve my children till they listen, and if they don't listen well natural selection comes into play.

Exactly. PARENT YOUR DAMN KIDS. Kids can't run if you tie them down. Or beat them. I don't really care which. In my opinion a lot of the children today could use a good beating, maybe get some sense knocked into them.

#48, you are the reason I believe that humans should be spayed and neutered.

RedPillSucks 31

Perhaps a nice civil discussion with them will solve this issue

Ha; hahaha. You've never lived in an apartment. Most of the time you'll get a slammed door

knoxxx 22

Seriously though. What is with all these people suggesting retaliation?? I had neighbors last year who used to blast their music while I was studying. I went and politely asked them to turn their music down a bit, and gee, what do you know, they hadn't realized they were being so loud it was disturbing us, and we stopped having problems with their loud music.

emirie 21

Not always. I had loud obnoxious neighbors for a while but they quieted down after a civil conversation.

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Have you bothered asking for them to stop?

Ya! Sassy smartass is at it again with his logical advice! Everyone thanks you with a look of haughty derision.

3 - I know it's the Internet but there is still a limit to crazy ideas and yours just surpassed it.

Bose quiet comfort headphones . Get them.

1dvs_bstd 41

yeah because it'd be comfortable to sleep with them...

I sleep with headphones in all the time, if you use the in-ear headphones you hardly realize they're there.

#37 Not to sure that's safe =/

perdix 29

Crank up the Lionel Ritchie and start "Dancing on the Ceiling." Hope you're into tap or Irish clog dancing.

Hit the ceiling that always seems to work

WompWompWomp123 7

The woes of apartment living. Some people can be so inconsiderate.

In commercials people hit the ceiling with brooms, try that??

This is when "oops my broom just kept hitting your ceiling 'til you shut up it's outta control sorry" works wonders.

Always get revenge music is your defence.