By Anonymous - 11/12/2009 07:23 - Australia

Today, I was doing a study on homeless people and how they manage to stay alive on the streets. Turns out the one I was studying today was given more money than I make in a week. FML
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ParaplegicPony 0

This is a horrible FML if you're unemployed..haha..


suprisingly, you can make a lot of money begging in america. actually. the average hobo makes more money per hour begging than someone would make working a minimum wage job.

If they spent it wisely they'd be well off. A lot of them are schizophrenic so can't be entirely blamed, but it's still ridiculous. But this is Australia, not america scotticus.

xxmadicxx 0

well,I'm guess you have a home and they don't so the money is more tight with them..what do u use your money on?

leggitwist 0

Wow, what average person makes 30,000 dollars in three months? I can just picture a homeless person downtown leading a double life as a business executive, lol!

spiderman0606 0

That's what Homer Simpson did.

that's a great point in your study! that homeless people make the same amount as a regular person, but must have bad spending habits!

greatnt249 0

YDI for being jealous of a homeless man; you'd seriously rather trade places?

Location, location, location. BTW, a prostitute probably makes more than you as well. I am still not sure I would be envious of her or the homeless...

Yeah, in certain places they make a lot. Also they don't pay taxes on it.

perdix 29

I wonder what is a bigger drag on society: homeless, panhandling parasites or the people who study them?

leggitwist 0

Third option: you. I'll consider the latter more relative.

Poundingsand 0

The pople who complain about either of them...

homeless people in Amsterdam make up to $300 a day begging

In the USA, you don't have to beg. Just hold up a clever sign and people will give you a dollar.