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Well, now you’ve started a bidding war!

Everybody loves a good threesome!


Everybody loves a good threesome!

Well, now you’ve started a bidding war!

How do you “accidentally” create a group chat?

I assume she put both recipients in the “To” line thinking that it will just send them individual messages. Not an “accident” but not thought through.

Tbh ive done something similar on snapchat in particular

So you ended up speaking through your ass in this group chat?

I did the same thing, but in my case I sent it to the whole girl's rugby team

What's wrong with that? These days everything is about efficiency. Look at Apple, all their products can connect to each other like a giant electronic orgy.

That comment just made my day. Thanks for that btw.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

That's an interesting strategy

You sent it to 2 of your love interests. Worded this way I presume there are more.

if only I could count on one hand how many times I've done this