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By Anonymous - 29/11/2017 15:31

Today, I sent a great-quality booty pic to two of my love interests. Instead of sending it individually, I accidentally made a group chat. FML
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manb91uk 22

Everybody loves a good threesome!


manb91uk 22

Everybody loves a good threesome!

How do you “accidentally” create a group chat?

julfunky 29

I assume she put both recipients in the “To” line thinking that it will just send them individual messages. Not an “accident” but not thought through.

circa1997 3

Tbh ive done something similar on snapchat in particular

So you ended up speaking through your ass in this group chat?

AzrielB 8

I did the same thing, but in my case I sent it to the whole girl's rugby team

Lobby_Bee 17

What's wrong with that? These days everything is about efficiency. Look at Apple, all their products can connect to each other like a giant electronic orgy.

That comment just made my day. Thanks for that btw.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Luke16eirb7deneuwn1 20

That's an interesting strategy

You sent it to 2 of your love interests. Worded this way I presume there are more.

if only I could count on one hand how many times I've done this