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Today, I was taken to my first session with my psychiatrist. The entirety of the facility, from the waiting room to the doc's office was decorated with dead butterflies in glass. I was there for my crippling mottephobia, the irrational fear of moths and butterflies. FML
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That is kind of a creepy idea; decorating the place with dead animals


In the way that she gets to deal with her fear of butterflies even before entering the office. Sounds like the psychiatrist put them out on purpose

That would be treatment without consent..

I was thinking the same thing... but if not... that's gotta suck.

Please, the only reason that this guy said nice is because he wanted a short comment to get in first.

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sorry for the double post ...

I don't understand why people get irrational fears like this... It's a friggen butterfly, what's so scary about it? It can't hurt you, and it generally likes to not be on a human. Get a real fear like arachnophobia. Those little bastards are shitbrix scary.

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40 it wasnt his fault it's a glitch FML has been doing

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i have been scared of butterflies ever since I saw that one SpongeBob episode :O

What do you mean! She is in the hands of a truly skilled doctor. He's already beginning step 1, as soon as you walked through the door! Somebody give him a raise and a cookie.

it was probably part of the treatment to get you used to seeing them

Oh dear god! That's like throwing a child into rough seas and asking them to do freestyle! You poor thing!

eww thats gross i domt wanna see a bunch of squished dead butterflies

it's a good plan from the doc. at least they were dead, not flying around trying to attack you.

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dear god what happened to this

I bet OP Adrian Monk have a lot in common:)

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No, Adrian Monk has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

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did any one else think of spongebob?

OP must have watched the spongebob episode where sandy goes outta town and the butterfly terrorizes the town

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I always wonder if animals have an irrational fear of humans....?

236, have you ever been able to approach any wild animal? Bird/deer/rabbit. They're all afraid of us.

The answer to your question is no. Animals' fear of humans is completely rational.

aw I'm sorry... I love butterflies!!! they are so beautiful!!!! :)

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I thought my fear of flyovers was irrational, but butterflies? They're so perty!

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who's terrified of butterflies/moths.

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That would be giving into his fear. This is his treatment. Flooding you with your fear.

Yeah this isn't an FML, this is win. It's free exposure therapy!

.... while playing the assassin's creed brotherhood escape music

wow what a stupid person that came up with putting dead insects in jars!

Wow! What a stupid person who doesn't understand the value of keeping a specimen! Please stay in school.

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I just want to know where in this FML did it say anything about butterflies in a jar...they were obviously paintings or wallpaper on the wall. In otherwords, creepy wallpaper.

no, it quite clearly said they were "in glass". glass=/=wallpaper.

but equally, why would you have those in a psychiatrist's office? that is quite weird.

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There are room decorations made with butterfly wings placed in large shapes and patterns and displayed in a picture frame-like glass encasing.

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What stupid person makes that comment?

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It might have been a larger facility that did more than just psychology, they might have also done research in other things, like medication, some of which uses bug parts to make.

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taxidermy actually refers to mounting a skin specifically (the "dermy" is from dermis meaning skin). since you pin and dry bugs not skin and stuff them its not taxidermy. ;)

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wow ur really scared of butterfly and moths??

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Phobias usually stem from some kind of childhood trauma. For example, a moth may have flown into OP's mouth and crawled down her throat. Actually, that's pretty unlikely, but you get the idea.

Than my boyfriend must have had a lot of trauma's in his youth. He's terribly afraid of butterflies, moths, spiders, snails, bees and actually every little insect on this planet.

spiders is my fear :/ some phobias can be taught, for example I was left with my nana when i was really young, she was terrified and I ended up learning the phobia from her the disadvantage of the human survival instinct 

You can learn phobias and phobias can extend into other things. You could fear butterflies and then end up fearing anything that flies.

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I have a phobia of dogs, especially strays. I was bit as a child. I'm forced to face my fears almost every day because it seems every other person in my neighborhood owns one! I'm still not over it but no longer go into panic mode. Some people can't help what they fear, even if it seems small, like a flying bug!(:

Yes 48 is right. The phobias can generalize to various other similar things.

Generalize... That's the word I was looking for!

fear of moths is hardly irrational anyway, what with them flying in every direction dropping their moth dust everywhere...

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People can be afraid of anything, I know someone who is terrified of snowmen.

comments on iPhone FTW

I'm deathly afraid of bees because when I was about 5 years old I was playing outside and a bumble bee got caught in my hair. Small moths aren't that scary but big moths are horrifying.

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I think I have a phobia of bees and wasps because of being stung in my childhood, but I always deny it and say I'm allergic.... :3

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I have an intense fear of escalators. But I can't recall anything from my childhood triggering it. Maybe some people are born with their phobias for whatever reason.

I'm afraid of spiders, but I don't know why. they're just creepy, and Harry Potter 2 doesn't help (with the tons of spiders attacking Harry and Ron.) I'm also nervous about ovens and fires, since I put my hand on a stove when I was 6 or so.

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The moth dust is actually just them shedding scales from their wings. It's not harmful in the least. Just annoying.

Not many things in this world scare me, but I am intensely afraid of bees, wasps, hornets and spiders. I have no idea why, either.

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I have a huge fear of heights. I can't even stand at the edge of a stage without freaking out. Mostly because my luck isn't good and I I always think, "hm.. I'd be the one to fall off the stage and bust my ass". If that makes sense..

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Uhm; many different people have different feelings, dumbass. Kthanksbye.

I don't think I have any phobias, however i am scared to hell of venomous things.

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Far away butterflies and moths might be pretty but up close their eyes are foreign and weird. I can understand why he would fear those things. I have a fear of spiders and lobsters.

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I have a phobia of bees, wasps, hornets, spiders, and huge ass bugs. I would probably be over my bee/wasp/hornet phobia if it weren't for me being stung in first grade.

Its not that its harmful.. when u r scared of butterflies/moths (I am) everything about them scares n disgust u (like the moth dust). Its not like im scared of them cuz I think they r harmful in the first place..

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114: I recall being on one (an escalator) while my family was in a room and I was like 7 years old, and I fell on it and I tried to get back up to go where they were but it was hard for me since I was so short to climb a step I just ended up scraping my legs trying desperately to climb back up while screaming for their help. then my family found me, horrible memory I now fear anything that involves heights including escalators, elevators and such that if I'm alone on one I might get a panic attack.

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I have aquaphobia=fear of water I don't know if it was the nightmares from when I was really young but ever since I was like 7 I have been terrified of water deeper than 4 feet (because I'm 5 feet). even when I was like 6 I took swimming lessons and I was always too terrified to get in the water. most little kids are like that but I still have that fear... I don't know why I never got over it

216- I think that one is actually called Bathophobia, meaning it isn't water that scares you, it's deep water. Anyways, the only things I am terrified of are spiders, crickets, and papercuts. I don't know why o.o

My stepsister will flail around screaming if a moth is near her.

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I have a phobia of all types of birds. Especially pigeons and seagulls.

That is kind of a creepy idea; decorating the place with dead animals

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Hanging up heads of dead deer and moose and stuff is gross, too.

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Butterflies are so pretty though. I have a whole insect collection in my apartment

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There's nothing gross about hanging deer antlers or cow hides on your wall. It's just decoration and if you shoot the deer yourself you'll always have that trophy.

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if a museum does it though people pay to see it. dead things are good in they let you study them without running away or attacking you. I find taxidermy and bug collections fascinating personally. :p pity I live with someone who is phobic of taxidermy lol

I'm pretty sure they were stuck in a specimen board with a pane of glass over it.

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rly 42? u knu wut he ment. Dus it make u angry wen i type like this?... Freakin' Nazi. Get over it.

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That spelling and you admitting to owning a Hyundai at the same time makes me fear for society.

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Considering the person typed everything else out, maybe they didn't know how to spell it correctly? He's just sharing his knowledge and helping. Also, notice there's 10 other people who support him for doing so. Maybe you're the one who needs to get over it.

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You don't know me... so why fear me? Sounds like you have a phobia of Hyundais. I own a Chevy btw :) I got you good though!

83- I thought you were going to type all of your comment like that... it was horrible.

92 - he said he feared for society, presumably because a small part of society are ppl hu tlk lyk dis and admit to having a hyundai. just a tip, but diagnosing him with hyundai-phobia isn't likely to help that impression...

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42 get a haircut and a life

umm... he was just trying to piss boygenius off :D good job

Advise them to fire the person who chooses their interior accents. They suck!