By Gotta Catch Them All - Canada
Today, I was on a date with a guy from a dating app. I thought it was bad enough having to drive (he was planning to drink) and pay for dinner, but then he asked me to make a stop so he could catch a Pokémon because he didn't have that one with a hat. FML
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By  kirby1964  |  20

So, we can assume there will not be a second date? Look, this is what dating is for, to get to know each other. You had a bad first date. Tell the guy the truth and move on.

  Glowworm56  |  25

Yes, my boyfriend is an avid player. A few weeks ago, there was an event in the park near me to catch a legendary Pokemon. There were tons of people there.

  Chinaski76  |  15

From the wording, it sounds like she had to pay for both dinners. Splitting the bill for a first date would be more appropriate (and equal) than sticking one person with the whole bill.

  chessu  |  21

I agree. And, I think it's also because not only was she the one to pay, she also didn't get to enjoy a drink while he did, so she felt it was unfair on multiple fronts and not sharing 'the suffering'.

  GumStickExtraGmail  |  21

no, its just that he made her pay, and they didn't even split. this isn't about "men's rights" you fucktard

  DavyJoe  |  13

Since he drank, his meal probably costed more. It's more appropriate to split the meal on the first date. Stop acting like men are oppressed. Only preteens and virgin teenagers actually think that.

  yeongji  |  31

You missed the point. The reason why OP submitted this FML is because (1) His share at dinner costed more since he consumed alcohol as well as food, and (2) Who drinks so much on a first date to the point where your alcohol level is over the legal limit to drive?